How to lose your Lovehandles

There are certain times, especially near summer time, when we would do anything to get rid of our love handles. However, some techniques people use turn out to be counter productive and can actually cause damage to their bodies. As a result, it is very important to get the right information before venturing into any methods so you can go straight to the stuff that works. Generally, there are 3 things you should follow:

1. Eat smaller meals

Not a lot of people are aware of this, but eating 3 times a day is counter-productive when losing weight. Instead, you should have up to 6 meals since this helps keep your appetite down. If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense because you will burn fat more often. The 1200 calorie diet is an excellent example of a calorie controlled diet with smaller meals.

2. Get enough water

Sometimes the body is confused and when it tells you you are hungry, in fact you just need water. Therefore, by keeping your body hydrated you can actually tone down your appetite and eat less. As a result, you will get thinner and lose those love handles.

3. Lift weights

Anyone who has lost a lot of weight can confirm that the best method to lose weight is by exercising, and a great way to do that is by lifting weights. Your body’s metabolism gets boosted and you burn a lot more calories than you would have by just sitting in front of the TV. Make sure to focus on both your lower and upper body. If you want to tone your abs, the ab chair will help you out.

All in all, there should be no doubt that by following these 3 tips you can lose love handles in no time. The only thing stopping you is yourself. Eat healthy, follow an exercise schedule and do your best to stay motivated. Things will not change in a day or two, but in weeks or even months, depending on your current situation. Stay patient and you will see progress.

Perfect Meals For A 1500 Calorie Diet Plan

Following a 1500 calorie diet plan can help you achieve your weight loss goals.  A 1500 calorie diet menu will reduce the fat from your diet, which can also help you if you want to also build muscle in a fitness regimen.  There are several meal plans you can follow with a 1500 calorie diet for women that will give you plenty of proteins and carbohydrates while keeping your fat intake very low.

Take for example a light breakfast of shredded wheat cereal, skim milk and strawberries can keep you within your 1500 calorie range.  It is important to keep within your portions of one and a half cups of cereal and milk and a half cup of strawberries.  As an alternative, you can also have a breakfast of four egg whites and one whole egg scrambled and half a large grapefruit can also keep you within the desired calorie range.

There are numerous other low calorie meals you can have for lunch or dinner depending upon your preferences.  Grilled chicken breasts make good and filling meals with the right sides.  A three ounce grilled chicken breast with half a cup of brown rice and six ounces of green beans has approximately 1500 calories.  If you want a light lunch, you can have the grilled chicken breast with three tablespoons of light Italian dressing on two cups of a large mixed green salad.

You can consider other meals  such as one made from four ounces of salmon as it helps to look into fish and seafood to help keep the calories down in many meals.  No matter what you decide to use for your meals, it is important that you count the number of calories in every kind of food you plan to consume. Whatever you do, the 1500 calorie diet menu is the way to go if you want to lose weight.

7 Top Tips For A Healthier Lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t necessarily mean having to hit the gym every day and living off a diet of steam vegetables and swearing off drink forever. Living a healthy lifestyle is all about making the little changes that over time just become instinct and here are the top things you need to do:

Eat Breakfast.

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but one of the most common mistakes people trying to lose weight make is skipping breakfast entirely. You never normally feel very hungry when you first wake up so skipping it seems so easy until you get to 10:30am and you’re snacking on whatever you can get your hands on. When you got more than five hours without eating your body goes into starvation mode which means that when you do eat your body holds on to as much as possible to stores as fat. Skipping breakfast will leave you with less energy throughout the day and will hinder any weight loss.

Eat little and often

As we’ve already established starving yourself is not only very unhealthy it’s also going to damage any attempt to lose weight. Rather than eating three main meals in the day try and have five to six smaller meals. After you’ve had breakfast have a handful of nuts or some fruit around mid morning and do the same in the afternoon. Instead of having your main meal of the day in the evening try and have it at lunch time so you’re only eating something small at night. This means your body isn’t trying to digest a large meal when you’re at your most inactive.

Stay away from bad carbs

We all need carbohydrates to give us energy but try and get as much of your daily carb intake as possible from green vegetables rather than white pasta and white bread. If you are eating pasta and bread make sure you’re eating whole meal bread and pasta and if you’re eating potato try sweet potato instead. Ideally you need to be filling up on vegetables though.

Junk food is not your friend

We all need that little energy boost mid afternoon, the office is boring and the cookies are being passed around with the afternoon coffee break but you need to resist. This is the one rule everyone remembers until they forget it. You know you’re not meant to eat junk but before you know you’re finishing your kids snacks so they don’t go to waste of you’re having a quick chocolate bar on your way to the gym. Always make sure you have healthy food to snack on, keep some dried fruit in your office desk and a little pot of snacking seeds in your hand bag for when you do get tempted.

Give yourself a day off

The second you say you’re not eating your favourite food ever again is the day everything falls apart. You can’t start denying yourself anything so instead tell yourself if you’re good all week you get one day off. Try not to go too crazy on this day as you don’t want to undo all the hard work you’ve done over the past week but having something to look forward to that’s within easy reach could be just what you need to make you stick to your healthy lifestyle.


No healthy lifestyle is going to be complete without some form of exercise. This doesn’t mean you’ve got to kill yourself down the gym every night but just try taking the stairs instead of the lift and try going to an exercise class one night after work. If you like spending your evenings chilling out at home do some yoga in front of the television. A gym membership can be expensive especially if the novelty is going to ware off before the second payment has come out your account so don’t go spending lots of money on gyms and workout clothes unless you’re sure you can stick to it.


This is the one thing everyone really wants to stick to but it’s easier said than done. Even if you manage to get everything done you needed to get done that day it doesn’t mean you’re going to get a good nights sleep. Make sure you don’t watch TV right before you go to bed and if anything is worrying you write it down with a pen and paper so you’re physically putting it our your mind. Make sure your room isn’t too hot or too cold and have a nice hot shower or bath to relax you before you go to bed.

Most of these things have to be a lifestyle choice and there’s no point just doing a few of these points then getting bored after a couple of weeks. If you really can’t stick to these points figure out why and figure out a way around it.


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Role of Fiber Rich Food In Health and Weight Loss

Fiber food is very important for our body as it helps to save us from many problems and diseases. In this article we will focus on the role of fiber rich food in reducing the weight.

What is Fiber Food and What Are Its Sources?

Fiber is the food that cannot be digested by human body and it is the plant based food. The fiber doesn’t contain any calories or nutrition and is passed through our digestive tract till it is excreted out. The examples of food rich in fiber are peas, sweet corn, carrots, apples, bananas, red cabbage, spinach, sweet corn, all bran cereal, beans and oranges.

What is the Function of Fiber Food in Our Body?
As stated earlier, the fiber cannot be digested by our digestive system and is passed through our whole digestive tract without providing any nutrients to our body. While moving through our gut, the fiber binds many materials with itself that are not good for our body. For example many carcinogens are attached with fiber and are excreted out of our body, reducing the chances of colon cancer. The cholesterol is also attached with fiber and is transported out of our body reducing the cholesterol level in body that ultimately helps in reducing the chances of heart diseases.

How Fiber Food Helps in Reducing Weight?
Obesity is a very common problem and it can lead to many other issues like development of symptoms of depression etc. Fiber food can help you in reducing extra weight, in many ways.

  1. The most important point is that fiber contains no calories. Many people skip their meals to reduce the intake of extra calories. You can get the same effect by taking your meal with major portion of fiber food. In this way you will not be skipping any of your meals and still getting lesser calories.
  2. You will feel full sooner, when you will take good quantity of fiber in your meal. As fiber stays longer in our stomach, as compared to other food items, you will feel full for a longer time and will not feel the need to take more food earlier. This will help you to take lesser food that will ultimately help you in losing extra weight.
  3. If your food does not contain the sufficient quantity of fiber the absorption of fat from your gut into blood is increased that plays an important role in gaining weight. When good amount of fiber is taken in the meals it binds the fat with itself and reduces its absorption in the blood. In this way fiber food really helps in reducing extra fat from your body.

Do Meal Replacement Shakes for Weight Loss Work?

If you are struggling to lose weight then why not try meal replacement shakes.  Many women have successfully reduced the amount of calories they take onboard every day and have managed to control their diet on the route to a health weight loss program.  As with any other type of diet though, you are the most relevant factor – because without self-control and motivation you will struggle – but let us show you how easy and fun it can be to use this method.

What is the idea behind this diet?

The best meal replacement shakes for weight loss are always low in calorie count.  The reason they work is because they are large in volume in bulk, so they will tell your stomach that you feel full up – despite the fact you’ve had a lot less calories than you usually would have done with a standard meal!  Women that replace two of their meals each day with a shake report the best success rates – but make sure you still have one main meal perhaps in the evening.

Meal replacement shakes can be monitored easily if you are someone that loves to count your calories.  Because you know how many is in each one, the counting becomes a lot easier, the only tricky part to the day being your one main meal – which should always be a traditional and healthy balanced dinner.

How much weight will I lose with this diet plan?

That is really up to you, but if you think each meal replacement shake for weight loss might contain around 200 calories.  In order to lose a couple of pounds weekly, dieticians state that you should target around 1400 calories each day.  Considering the amount of calories in one main meal, and your two shakes, you should comfortably hit that target with no problems.  Put this all together over a month and we believe you could lose 8 pounds which is fantastic.  Please be aware though, this is a short-term regime and we do not recommend you using the meal replacement plan for longer than a month.

Will hypnosis help me to lose weight instead?

Some women have recently been posting on web forums about how they tried hypnosis to lose weight.  We’ve yet to see any real hard and fast evidence of this working the success stories are few and far between.  Whilst this might work for stop smoking hypnosis, we cannot see how it could rival using meal replacement shakes, so stick with this plan and you should succeed with your goals.

The final word on meal replacement shakes

You can lose weight in time for the Summer, but make sure you only view this as perhaps a monthly program.  Once you have finished you will be back onto a normal three meals a day intake, so if you can also start a small exercise program now you will find it easier to keep the weight   off that you have lose with the meal replacement shake diet.

Four Tips To Healthy Restaurant Meals

Eating out has become a part of every American household’s life. It is that one occasion where Mom gets to forgo cooking and the family gets together over delectable meals whether to celebrate special occasions or simply to just unwind and relax. But with the recent statistics on American obesity coupled with the revelations on the exceedingly high amount of calories found in most restaurant meals, many point to one as the cause of the other.

The problem is that avoiding the cafes, fine dining restaurants, and fast food joints all at the same time seems to be quite inconceivable for some, especially with the increased temptations of the many Italian, French, American and Asian restaurants proliferating in our cities today. The good news is that there are effective ways by which you can enjoy your usual dining outs while still staying true to a healthy and nutritious meal.

Screen the Restaurant’s Menu

Before your dinner date with the family, experts advise taking the time out to pull up your restaurant’s menu online. Doing this will allow you to sort out the healthy meals from the not so good ones and the internet is also a good way to conduct a calorie count to check on your chosen dishes. Plus it makes ordering much easier and you can easily check on whether you can use your O’Charley’s coupons to save on extra money.

Order a Meal to Your Specifications

If you feel that the menu items falls short on healthy choices then feel free to specify on how you would want a particular meal to be prepared. You can always ask to have your meat grilled, steamed or broiled instead of fried and you can opt to exchange your greasy fries for vegetable side dishes instead.

Ask Questions

Asking questions at a fine dining restaurant does not mean to say that you are ignorant, on the contrary it simply means that you are smart enough to familiarize yourself with their menu. In fact, many weight loss blogs emphasize the importance of asking about the ingredients in your dishes and how they are cooked. You will be surprised to know that even your healthy salad can be packed with calories you don’t even realize.

Get your H2O Fill

Instead of ordering wine, soda or juices that are all sugar enriched, why not gulp down on healthy and all natural water. If you find it too boring, then ask your waiter to add in a fresh squeeze of lemon or lime to invigorate your H20.

Living healthy is a matter of choice and once you’ve chosen this path, sticking to it is all about being conscious of what goes inside your body.