Home Exercise: Utilizing the Weight of Your Body

Home Exercise: Utilizing the Weight of Your Body

Fitness experts have observed that majority of people join a gym at the start of the year. So if you’re planning to start your year with a big fitness boom, it would do you more good to consider doing a home exercise program that doesn’t use any equipment aside from your own body.

Lots of fitness advertisements are misleading. The term "selling ice to Eskimos" best describe those ads. Instead of telling people the hard facts about staying fit, they emphasize the need for exercise machines and gadgets. After spending hundreds of dollars on gym equipment, most people have no more space left in their houses and still remain physically unfit.

Whether you are on a tight schedule or left with no decent alternatives for an effective workout, you can opt to do exercise routines that do not require any exercise gadget or machine. This is not as difficult as it seems. Using your body only, you can still develop well-toned muscles and maintain a high level of fitness.

Suggestions for Exercises

1. Pushups – Lots of people think this is too much work, but the truth is, pushups are highly effective. It targets the triceps, chest and abs. If your hands and wrists are not yet strong enough, you can choose to do pushups with your knees on the floor. Later on, you can add more effectiveness to the exercise by doing pushups on your toes.

2. Crunches – Crunches work better than typical sit ups because they lessen neck and lower back pressure. Just lie on your back and attempt to move your upper body upwards for approximately forty-five degrees. Crunches can also be done in other variations so as to work out oblique muscles and the abdominal area.

3. Walking – This is one of the most commonly accepted forms of exercise in all age groups and fitness levels. It is also surprisingly effective as well. Studies have proven that taking a non-stop brisk walk for at least thirty minutes daily is an ideal aerobic exercise and provides tremendous cardiovascular benefits.

4. Jumping jacks – Almost everyone is familiar with jumping jacks since childhood. Doing jumping jacks for five to ten minutes non-stop is a great aerobic workout. If you do jumping jacks at short intervals during the day, you will find that its fitness benefits will accumulate in the long run.

5. Jumping rope – On a rainy day and you don’t feel like going out to exercise, you can try the jumping rope at home. A few strokes with the jumping rope will instantly pump up your heartbeat rate, and get your sweat rolling profusely. Incorporating jumping rope with other fitness workouts is great for developing endurance.

6. Squats and lunges – These exercises are done for the benefit of the lower body muscles. If you want to tone your butt and develop strong thighs, include squats and lunges in your overall fitness workout.

Using your own body weight during workouts is a terrific way to start gaining fitness. Of course, as you gradually drop down in weight, you have to eventually use dumbbells or slightly heavy equipment. Always keep in mind that whatever type of workout you do, warm up before you start and cool down after the workout. Balance your workout with both cardiovascular training and muscle building. Elements.

South Beach Acai, Boost Your Energy Levels

South Beach Acai, Boost Your Energy Levels

South Beach Acai is your one stop natural solution to detoxify your body by boosting your metabolism and energy levels. The popularity of South Beach Acai is reaching tremendous heights thanks to so many high profile Hollywood celebrities that have benefited from this amazing product. These privileged stars found South Beach Acai to be the perfect super food anti-oxidant which kept them healthy, vigorous and in perfect shape. Along with that, South beach Acai also has the following benefits:

  • South Beach Acai makes you effervescent, vibrant and sexy by giving you a tighter skin.
  • With its great nutritional contents, losing weight in a short span of time is no longer a dream.
  • Its anti-oxidants promote wellness by keeping away the radicals and fighting out numerous diseases.

With abundant benefits to go with it, South beach Acai is your perfect super food to shed those extra pounds with body detoxification, living a healthy and happy life

New Year’s Weight Loss Plan: Colon Cleansing and Detoxing

New Year’s Weight Loss Plan: Colon Cleansing and Detoxing

Perhaps one of the most consistent things in New year’s resolutions is “lose weight”. Indeed, thanks to holiday indulgences, everyone is packing some paunch on their bellies or arms. How does one resist all the goodies and feasts during this season? Diets get thrown out of the window and exercise plans are put on hold in favor of parties. With all these going on in one’s life, it’s just about right to think of a New Year’s weight loss plan this early.

The reason why you seem to gain weight faster during the holidays is, obviously, because of the amount of food and alcohol you drink. While an increased intake of fatty, sweet, or salty food may be he main culprit, what you don’t realize is that a sudden increase means that your system cannot cope with digesting all this food. By indulging on buffet after buffet, your digestive system gets overworked and tends to slip up in some of its duties. For this reason, you get a indigestion, an acidic stomach, and even diarrhea.

Toxin removal is one of the immediate measures you could do after a particularly food-focused week. Thanks to fatty dishes, alcohol, and secondhand smoke, your system is probably swimming in toxins after just one party. If you feel really tired, bloated, and your skin has started to look sallow, this might be a sign that you’ve indulged too much. Letting toxins swim around your body is not such a good idea: the longer they stay there, the more weak or sick you’d feel. With this, it would be in your best interest that you go on a colon cleansing or detoxing diet right after all the parties, festivities, and visits to relatives have been check on the list.

Start off with taking more fruit and vegetables. Instead of your holiday snack of a ham and cheese sandwich, opt for apples or oranges. Changing the things you drink are also good ways to start on a cleansing and detoxing regimen. Drink at least 8 glasses of water and have it during your meals instead of soda or artificial fruit juice. From here, you could shift to a detox diet plan or go online to compare colon cleansing products to kick your New Year’s detox and cleanse plan into full gear.

The aim of having New year’s resolutions is to make yourself a better person. With a good detox and cleanse diet, you not only aim for weight loss, you are also creating a new healthier you.