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Treadmills With Internet for a Better Workout

A number of the newest treadmills on the market have functionality that was completely unimagined up until several years ago. Long gone are the days when treadmills had a small set of pre-programmed modes that were both predictable and boring. The newest treadmills to hit the market are adding a little twist to the old models: They’re connected to the internet.

Why exactly would a treadmill need to be connected to the internet, exactly? After all, if you’re doing a treadmill workout, you’re not going to be too interested in checking your email, right? No, that’s not why these treadmills connect to the internet. They have this functionality for one of two purposes: Personal record tracking, as well as the ability to download new and different workout programs and tracks. Yes, you heard that right: New tracks.

What does that mean? Some of these newer treadmills will actually allow you to download and run on some of the more famous courses in history. Want to run the New York Marathon? You can download that. Want to run the streets of Paris as if you were there? You can do that as well. Most of the world’s most famous race courses are available for download. Pretty neat, huh?

The cheapest treadmills that come with this internet functionality come from a company called ProForm. ProForm has been building treadmills for several years at this point, and has been the leader in offering treadmills for costs that are much lower than competitors. In fact, you can even get some of their cheap treadmills on the internet like their higher-end brands. Just look for the iFIT designation when you’re making your purchase. All but their cheapest treadmills have iFIT already built in. Their higher-end models have iFIT live, which allows for even more functionality.

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