Pull Up Bars: How to Work Out With Pull Up Bars

Through this piece the process of developing an exercise regimen around pull up bars will be examined. These bars are very simple pieces of exercise equipment. They feature a suspended bar that the person uses to lift their body weight to a point where their chin touches or rests on the bar. It is a very tough exercise to do but has many great benefits.

There are many great benefits to be received from pull up exercises. These exercises are very good for building large amounts of muscle mass at a very quick rate. Building muscle mass burns many calories and has a great effect on weight loss. From doing these exercises a person can really sculpt and perfect the muscles that are found in their upper body.

The beginning step for a pull regimen is acquiring a bar unit. If you want to go the easy route, these can be purchased very easily at a fitness store. They usually require very little assembly and are of a very high quality. The bar usually features a very cleverly designed grip. This helps the user make sure that the skin on the palm of their hand doesn’t receive any damage during use.

Another way to acquire pull up bars is by building your own unit. This requires a lot more effort in assembly than a store bought unit but tends to be a much cheaper route. Some sources claim these can be built for under ten dollars. The unit can be constructed from very basic materials. These include wooden planks and a strong piece of plumbing pipe. Various screws and brackets are also required.

In order to begin this regimen you have to master two things. Learning how the pull up is done and determining if you are capable of doing one or not. To do the exercise you need to grip the bar and make sure you are suspended above ground level. Your feet should not be able to touch the ground. The next step is to pull up with all of your might until you are lifted to the point where your chin can comfortably rest on the bar.

If you find that you cannot do a single pull up starting out there is a step you must go through before building your regimen goals. You must work your way up to the exercise by doing other exercises. Push ups work really great for building strength in the upper body. You could also build your way up by doing only small portions of an entire pull up.

Once you have your bar and are capable of doing the pull up exercise the next step is very simple. You have to set goals for the program. If you can only do a few pull ups when starting out you need to do as many sets of those two repetitions as you can. Work your way from two repetitions to five. Do three sets of five in a day. The ultimate goal for most is three sets of fifteen in a day.

Once you have successfully began an exercise regimen with pull up bars you have many benefits to reap. The strength of an upper body is so greatly increased by this exercise program. The appearance of the upper body will improve greatly as well. This exercise is so valuable that many military personal use it on a regular basis to build upper body strength at the quickest possible pace.

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