Correct Running Technique

As with anything, there is a right way and a wrong way to do things and running is no exception. Just putting those nike trainers on every morning and heading out the door for the big run does not mean that it has a benefit if not done correctly. The correct running technique can benefit both the body and the effectiveness of the workout.

Running with proper form can put less stress on your body and can aid the athlete in running longer distance. There are many simple tips that can lessen the strain on your body and have effects that are more favorable. One simple way to improve your technique is to keep your eyes focused on the ground ahead of you not at your feet. This is not only the proper way to run, but it can be safer when you see hazards before encountering them.

When trying to attain the correct running technique, another simple tip is to try to land with the whole foot and not just on toes or heels. Bad form can tighten the muscles of the shin causing pain and perhaps less endurance. One also runs the risk of injury if overstressing of the muscles occurs.

An important aspect of running form is keeping your hands and arms relaxed easing the tension that can build when clenching a fist. If a runner holds their arms too high this too can cause undue muscle tightness and pain. Especially when running, the muscles should be relaxed to avoid injury and fatigue.

The correct running technique is more important than how a runner looks when doing it and the correct mens trainers for your style can also help. Taking the time to improve the way you run can be very beneficial all the way around. Proper technique does aid in endurance, so do not be surprised when that three-mile run turns into a five-mile one.