Use it or Loose it – Motivation for Fast Weight Loss

When engaging in any fitness program whether it be a fast weight loss program or a body building program you need to keep in mind that if you don’t use it you loose it. This can be kind of frustrating and make it seem like you are being counter productive. Don’t loose focus of the fact that if you are working towards an ultimate goal setbacks in one area may mean regressions in another but as a whole you are moving forward.

I like to look at fitness as kind of a rotational system. It is impossible to do it all, there isn’t enough time in the day and even if we did hit all aspects of fitness everyday we would never be able to recover. This is why it is important to rotate through different aspects of fitness.

To make this a little more clear let me explain a little further. It is really pretty simple, rotation just means that during a short period of time, usually 4 – 6 weeks you should choose a focus. This could be hypertrophy, strength gains, losing weight fast, flexibility, or any other area that you want to focus on. There are lots of different areas and niches within the realm of fitness, so choosing one means that you are going to have to neglect another.

I don’t see this as a big deal because most areas of fitness complement each other pretty well. Sure if you are doing a power lifting workout you will be negatively effecting your marathon running ability but in the long run you will be stronger and better adept at running a marathon.

Use it or loose it is a simple concept that when embraced can open your eyes to the necessity of needing to vary your training to develop the full package. I am sure you have all observed people in the gym that never seem to make any progress. This is usually due to the fact that they are not making any adaptations or changes to their workouts.

It doesn’t matter what your goals are you need to learn to rotate your exercises as well as your diet for optimal gains. You may be getting ready for a fast weight loss plan but this does not mean that you shouldn’t be looking further down the road.


Extreme At-Home Leg Exercises

Creating your very own at home exercise program that will help give you those well defined and finely toned leg muscles is actually not that difficult. You see, all you will ever need is your own bodyweight as a form of resistance and if in case you have some free weights like dumbbells at home, then the more better. To kick start your cause, here are a couple of extreme leg exercises to do at home. These are really easy exercises to do at home and you will not have any problems following them for sure!

1.) Squats – With this exercise, stand up straight with your feet apart and both hands to your sides. Now, slowly crouch down by bending both of your knees. Remember to keep your neck and back straight as you go down so as not to injure your spine and avoid lifting your heels while crouching down. Imagine as if you are trying to sit on an invisible chair. Once you reach that point, slowly go back up into the initial position. You can do the squats with a pair of dumbbells as well. Hold a pair of dumbbells in both hands and do the same procedure.

2.) Sumo Squats – This is just one of the many variations to the squat. You need to perform this with a wide stance with your toes pointing forward, much like a sumo stance. Now, repeat the same procedure as that of the basic squat, as explained earlier. Again, you can also add free weights to this routine. If you are to use dumbbells, hold it in front of you; instead of holding it to your sides.

3.) Lunges – To perform this, stand straight with your feet apart and your hands on your waist. Step forward with one foot and then slowly lower your upper body down. Remember to keep your balance. Go back up and repeat the whole process using your other foot.