The Best Cardio Exercises To Rapidly Lose Weight

The Best Cardio Exercises To Rapidly Lose Weight

Almost everyone out there on a weight loss diet program is focused on what they can do to help that weight come off faster.  One of the best methods of speeding up your progress is to add in some well thought-out exercise that will boost the metabolism and keep you looking lean and firm.

Cardio exercise is a type that does tend to burn off quite a bit of calories so can boost your daily calorie deficit.  Since it’s this deficit that determines whether or not you lose body fat, the higher you can bring it, the more chances you’re going to have of seeing success.

The following are some of the best cardio exercises that will help you rapidly lose weight.

Interval Sprinting

By far and away the single most effective form of cardio exercise for weight loss is interval sprinting.  Interval sprints will boost the metabolic rate up the highest after they have been performed and will cause you to burn more calories 24/7 – even while you’re parked in front of the TV later on that evening watching your favorite reality series.

The one thing to remember with interval sprinting however is that because it is a lot more intense, you shouldn’t be performing it daily but rather keeping your sessions to 2-4 per week total.

Hill Walking

Next, if interval running just isn’t your thing, consider hill walking to help you rapidly lose weight.  Hill walking is great because it will not only torch calories but will also firm up the highs, thighs, and bum region.

Anyone who wants to look better in their lower body will really enjoy the benefits that hill walking provides them.  Just be sure that you aren’t holding onto the handles of treadmill if you choose to do this inside the gym.  That will take much of the pressure off the legs to actually do the work.

Swimming Laps

Third, another great form of weight loss cardio is swimming laps.  Swimming, since it utilizes the whole body, will burn more calories than other forms of cardio and the best thing is that it’s completely low impact.

Anyone who is suffering from knee or back pain will do very well adding this to their program.


A fourth great cardio method for fast weight loss is rowing. Like swimming, rowing is superior because not only will you be working the legs, but you’ll be targeting the upper body as well.  Most gyms do have a rowing cardio machine now so try that next time you’re there for something different.


Finally, the last way to get in shape quickly is to try out one of the new bootcamp classes out there.  These are rapidly catching on among many people and will have you losing weight very quickly.  Best of all, since you’ll be constantly changing the exercises you’re doing, you will never get bored.

Most people have no problem sticking to a bootcamp style workout so that helps them see lasting results.

So consider all of these cardio forms if you’re looking for quick weight loss and a great way to get in shape.

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