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What Types Of Workouts Should You Do To Get Slimmer

Getting slimmer is something that many people try to do, especially when the summer is coming – it is time to go to the beach, and no one wants to look flabby and fat when they take most of their clothes off. What many people do is they start jogging to increase the calories that their bodies burn for energy, but what they don’t realize is that this mist likely takes them away from their goals, instead of going towards them.

You need to think your life as a path that leads to your goals – your dream body. Visualize this at the end of the path. Most likely you have a body there, which looks muscular and is lean at the same time. Unfortunately doing a lot of aerobic exercise isn’t going to take you forward on this path, but instead it will create another path. In the end of that path there is a lighter your, who is still not slim.

An important part of slimming workouts is resistance training, and if you were my client, I would recommend you to only do these types of workouts to improve your body composition. Also you would need to seriously alter your nutritional plan, to one that contains a lot of animal source proteins, like meat. A good rule of thumb would be to eat 0.1 pounds of meat ten pounds of body weight and evenly divide this to five meals per day.

Aerobic exercise tends to increase the amount of cortisol that your body produces, and because of this it leads in your body breaking your muscle tissue for energy. This means that as your fat mass is decreasing, so is your muscle mass, and you aren’t getting slimmer, but instead you are only getting smaller. To trim your body to a lower percentage of body fat, you need to do really hard workouts at the gym with as heavy weights as you can, to preserve your muscle mass, or even build some more – this way your appearance will quickly change towards your goals.

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