6 Tips For Craving Your Taste For Bad Foods

Have you been trying to use your chubby belly but showing little to no progress?  Nobody needs to go over the drill with you again as you know darn well that you need to eat the right foods and exercise.  Many people, although they do exercise regularly, still show little signs of losing body fat.

Below are 5 tips for curbing your appetite for bad foods:

Don’t bring bad food you crave for into the house.
This is just plain common sense that if the bad foods are not in your pantry or refrigerator then you can’t eat them.  Therefore, dish all the snacks, candies and donuts that are already in the house now and don’t buy them anymore.

2. Increase your fiber intake (raw fruits and veggies)
Eating more fiber helps to kill sugar cravings.  Fiber makes you fill fuller longer.  Apples are a good source of fiber and so are whole grains and nuts.

3. Eat more lean protein
Diets high in protein help to curb food cravings, which make you eat less, and help you lose weight.  Lean proteins such as chicken breasts are one of the most important foods to help you get rid of sugar cravings.  Most sugar cravings arise from not getting enough protein in the diet.

4. Drink whey protein
Whey protein has been shown to suppress the appetite because of the hormones it contains.  If you consume a whey or casein drink you will generally have less calorie intake during the day.

5. Eat small meals every 2-3 hours
When you eat small meals every couple of hours it helps to regulate your blood sugar, which reduce your cravings, and kills your appetite.  Eating often also gives you a constant source of energy thereby reducing your body’s need to store fat.

6. Drink more water
Drinking more water is a great way of tricking your body into feeling that its full and satisfied.

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