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Diets that Work – Low Fat Wins in The Long Run

You probably have heard a lot about people who take off a great deal of weight using a high protein, low carbohydrate diet.  Research does indicate that is in fact a very effective way to drop weight.  In fact, in the first six months of dieting recent evidence suggests that this is by far the most effective method.  However, by the time you have been dieting for twelve months it would appear that the carbohydrate to protein ratio no longer matters, as long as you are following a low calorie plan.  Over the long run you will maintain your weight loss better if you are consuming a low fat diet, according to a study conducted at the University of Pennsylvania.  While you may be tempted to look for diets that work in the short run, don’t underestimate the value of slow sustainable changes in your diet.

Additionally, if you do decide to follow a low carbohydrate diet in the short run, it is important that you watch your fat consumption.  This is especially true of you work out intensely.   Your brain uses carbohydrates for fuel.  In a recent study, mice who were fed a high fat diet decreased their endurance by 35% and their mental capacity by 15% as compared to those who were fed a high-carbohydrate diet.  Because a high fat diet decreased the energy trapping efficiency of cells it impairs both brain and muscle function.

The ideal situation is to create a low fat, higher protein diet that is also full of healthy, low glycemic carbohydrates.  Steer clear of white carbohydrates in favor of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.  Foods like quinoa which offer an amino rich vegetarian protein are ideal, because they allow you to get extra protein in your diet without increasing your fat intake.  In reality, regardless of works best in the short run in reality the key is finding healthy foods that you enjoy and a plan you can stick to in the long run.

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1000 calories diet really works

The 1000 calories diet is one of the easiest ways that you could ever attempt to lose weight. The key to weight loss is controlling the amount of calories that you consume in order to meet your daily allowance, if you are able to do this, you will be able to stop yourself from gaining weight. With this being the case, consuming less calories is the key to keeping the weight off. The reason why this diet works is that you will be able to eat almost anything that you desire, there are foods for you to choose from and you will select the foods you desire. Every food has a calorie count and this will add to the total that you consume each day, you will be able to consume up to one thousand calories a day. This means you will never have to limit what you eat, you will not have to starve yourself or go without eating the foods that you have always loved.

The 1000 calories diet works because it allows you to control what you eat and how much of it that you consume, this will allow you to consume smaller amounts without ever depriving your body of the foods you crave. The problem with crash dieting is that you are only allowed to eat a specific type of food, this will make your body feel starved for the food that you are not eating. This feeling can eventually result in the breaking of a diet and consuming large amounts of these foods in order to compensate. However, this diet will not cause you to experience those problems, you can eat the foods that you crave when the craving strikes and this will avoid a crash. Dieting can work and provide great results, this diet is evidence of that.

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