Fasting for Weight Loss – Good or Bad?

Fasting has been one of the methods used by many people to lose weight. Since the olden days, fasting is considered as an effective strategy to get rid of the extra pounds. This practice comes from the belief that by depriving yourself of food for quite some time, your body will gradually lose or burn the fats in your body. That is why fasting for weight loss is still highly considered until this day as a fast and effective method of controlling body weight.

Behind these positive beliefs about fasting for weight loss is another fact which needs to be seriously considered. The human body needs a constant and sufficient supply of essential nutrients. This is to ensure that the normal body functions continue to make you more productive and healthy every day. If you deprive yourself of food for a period of time, your body will start consuming lean muscles instead of fats. What happens after is that instead of developing lean and strong body muscles, you will have more fats stored in your body even if you look thinner. As a result, your skin will not look firm and your body starts to develop more flab.

Fasting for a longer span of time has serious effects on your health. You will experience all sorts of body discomforts such as headaches and constipation. Some people even feel so dizzy after two or three days of continuous fasting. There are also others who suffer from constipation right after they start fasting for two days. In worse cases, people will feel so weak that they can no longer perform their usual daily routines. These are just some of the serious risks which fasting poses on your overall health. For this reason, it is very important to study how you can resort to fasting for weight loss without suffering from the consequences. Be careful not to resort to fasting immediately because your health is at stake.

In summary, fasting is not the ideal solution to your weight issues. Seek the medical opinion of professional nutritionists near your area. Explain your problems about losing weight and ask if there are other viable and healthy methods of curbing your weight. This is the safest way to maintain and develop a healthy lifestyle. Do not resort to fasting immediately because it would not be helpful in the long run. Your body’s metabolism will slow down and instead of losing weight, your body will only acquire more fats. Be prudent enough as you find ways to lose weight in a healthy way.

Benefits of Cayenne Pepper Cleansing

Cayenne pepper has been used as a medicinal herb for thousands of years but only recently has its heath benefits become recognized among Westerners. It is because of these health benefits that its use has increased substantially and one of the ways it is used is as a body detoxification via cleansing of the colon. In fact, it is a principle ingredient in many of the master cleanse programs on the market.

The ingredient in cayenne that is responsible for the herb’s wide array of health benefits is called capsaicin. Capsaicin works by stimulating the body to rid itself of toxins by improving digestion and decreasing inflammation. It can also help a person lose weight by temporarily increasing his or her core body temperature as well as helping to break down any consumed carbohydrates and suppressing the appetite.

Other cayenne pepper benefits include decreasing the pain associated with arthritis and headaches, preventing heart attack and stroke by interacting with blood platelets, and helping repair certain digestive ailments such as stomach ulcers, diarrhea, and flatulence. It is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, two ingredients which help strengthen the body against disease and give the skin a refreshed and renewed appearance.

A popular cleansing method is by combining cayenne with lemon juice and maple syrup and drinking it at regular intervals. The lemon juice helps to draw toxins out of the body and the maple syrup supplies healthful carbohydrates as well as provides flavor. Two tablespoon each of the syrup and the lemon juice are combined with a sprinkle of cayenne, then all are mixed with water. This drink can be sipped throughout the day to maximize the body’s detoxification or it can be consumed whenever a person feels hungry to stave of his or her cravings.

Benefits of cayenne pepper cleansing may be seen immediately or may take up to two weeks to notice results. Regular use will increase a person’s metabolism, give him or her more energy, allow clearer thinking, and the person will start looking more refreshed and healthy. Clearly the cayenne pepper cleanse can provide you with wonderful results, but consult a health care professional before using it to ensure you are using the diet in a safe and sensible way.