Smooting the Diet Roller Coaster

You’ve heard the stories over and over again, someone loses a bunch of weight with one of the many diet programs and then a year later, they’ve put all, if not more, of the weight back on.  It’s a horrible cycle you may have even found yourself struggling with.  Even though you’ve tried to be extremely careful, you seem to be creeping back up the scale. Most likely you’ve cut back a bit on your exercise because you’ve moved from the weight loss mode to the maintenance program and that’s where the problem lies for most people.

Most women will not engage in any sort of muscle resistance training.  They’re frightened they’re going to do three curls and end up looking like those freaks you see at female bodybuilding competitions.  Don’t worry; it’s not going to happen unless you artificially tweak your hormones.  Women just aren’t designed to look like that, regardless of how hard they try.

When you include muscle training, you do your body a tremendous favor by raising your base metabolic rate.  This means, you help to regulate how many calories your body burns even when you’re not exercising.  The higher you can bring this, the less likely you are to experience fluctuations in your weight.

What are you to do if you’re not quite ready to step into the weight room, but you completely understand why it’s important to increase your muscle mass.  One great solution is to include the use of weights in your aerobic dance class and maybe even move up to an aerobic step class.

When you introduce the weights into your aerobics routine, you continue to get the benefits of the daily calorie burn while also boosting your base metabolic rate. The funny thing is, a lot of body builders will suffer the exact opposite problem.  They’ll build tons of muscle, but have trouble getting rid of the fat covering it all because they’re not doing enough aerobic work.  The same advice applies to their situation.

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  1. I think losing weight is simple but not easy. What I mean is the concept is simple – calories in vs calories out – but actually doing it isn’t so easy.

    You need to balance your workouts with resistance and cardio training. Resistance training is important like you mentioned because muscle is a more active tissue (increases your BMR). Cardio training strengthens your heart and if the intensity is right you can burn calories even after the workout.

    Thanks for the post!

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