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Green Tea Weight loss – Lose Weight With Tea!

Is it really true that drinking green tea everyday can help us lose weight? Is losing weight really as simple as that? Well, provided that we drink enough green tea everyday, we really can lose weight, and the results will be much faster if we drink green tea in combination with a diet plan and exercise regimen suggest the results from numerous studies. Not only can green tea help us lose weight, but it does so safely.

The fundamental way that green tea weight loss works is through its effect upon our metabolism – it really does knock things up a notch. The studies so far have found that drinking 5 cups of green tea everyday induces a 4% increase in out metabolic rate. This increases heat in the body and therefore burns up extra calories. About 80 calories per day in fact! In addition to this, the boost in metabolism also helps to increase energy levels in the body and increases the likelihood that we will exercise on a regular basis.

So how exactly does green tea boost the metabolism? Scientists are not 100% sure why, but what they do know is that it does and the antioxidants in green tea, called catechins, are what produce this effect. What is even more puzzling to scientists is why this metabolic boost has zero side effects. Caffeine for example, which is also a natural substance that boosts the metabolism, delivers side effects if we drink it at the levels needed to raise the metabolism by 4%. Out nervous system would start to freak out, we would get the jitters and heart rate and blood pressure levels would rise tremendously. However, these side effects are completely absent in the way that the antioxidant catechins speed up the metabolic rate. It is still a mystery.

What is also interesting, is that green tea benefits us by lowering blood pressure, reducing arterial plaque, reducing high cholesterol levels, reducing blood clotting and actually increases overall heart and cardiovascular health. What more could we ask for!