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Recovery from a Tummy Tuck

Eliminating excess flab and skin around the tummy area is an exciting prospect to many women and men. Which is why the tummy tuck, a procedure that is usually bundled with liposuction, is constantly gaining popularity. And with the average price of tummy tuck becoming more and more affordable to many people, the procedure’s number of patients is increasing in an amazing rate. But for many patients, the excitement of possibly losing the much despised tummy flab clouds the fact that there is a recovery period that needs to be endured after the surgery.

The recovery period can be quite stressful and physically challenging. Many patients can feel a lot of anxiety, and tend to worry about the amount of time that is passing by without seeing the results. This leads to not only physical, but also psychological and emotional stress. But by properly following the surgeon’s instructions, diligently taking the prescribed medication, and having the proper discipline, patience, and positive outlook, the recovery process can go on as planned, and the results seen as intended.

The whole recovery period can last anywhere between 4-7 weeks, during which time certain guidelines have to be followed very carefully. As a general rule, younger, healthier patients may need a shorter recovery time than older, or less healthier patients. But the guidelines and precautions have to be followed by all patients, regardless of age or level of health.

The first week of the recovery is the most critical. Pain, swelling, minor bleeding, and different levels of discomfort can occur during this period. This is usually normal, and can easily be dealt with using prescribed medication or light exercises. But should the complication go beyond comfortable levels, it is important that the patient immediately inform the doctor in order to properly deal with it.

As the weeks go on, stitches will begin to be removed, more and more physical activities will be allowed, and the pain, discomfort, and other minor complications should subside. And as long as the patient continues to be careful, follow instructions, and be vigilant in watching out for major complications, the recovery process should be finished in no time at all, and the tummy tuck results can be revealed.

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