The Fat Loss Advantage of Casein Protein Powder

Casein protein comprises 80% of the total protein found in cow’s milk. It contains all the essential amino acids necessary for muscle growth. In this regard, it is similar to whey protein. Casein protein powders are high quality sources of protein. Choosing the right protein powder can do wonders for your muscle building potential.

The main difference between casein and whey protein powders is absorption time. Casein protein powders take time to digest. It is considered a slow digesting protein powder because it takes two to four hours before it becomes available for the body to use. Amino acid levels remain elevated seven hours thereafter. Bodybuilders usually take casein protein powders before sleeping. It is a well known fact that muscle repair happens during rest. Take casein protein powder two hours before bedtime. This ensures that the body gets all the protein it needs to maximize muscle growth.

Several studies reveal that casein protein powder provides greater muscle retention. Most fitness plans center on fat and weight loss and at the same time, build or maintain muscles. Going on a low calorie diet to lose fat doesn’t always work that way. The body may compensate for its low calorie supply by getting energy from precious muscles. Casein protein powder minimizes this effect. Therefore, it stands to reason that it promotes fat loss. Instead of getting energy from muscles, casein protein helps the body utilize fat stores for energy.

Plain casein protein powders are available for purchase. Some protein powder supplements combine whey and casein protein. These sustained release blends combine the best of both worlds. You can also opt to tailor your protein intake according to your body’s needs. Whey protein powder for when you need an immediate protein boost. Casein protein powder for elevated amino acid levels when your muscles recuperate during rest.

Casein protein powder has a lot going for it. It provides high quality protein for when your body needs it the most. While it takes time to digest, it makes up for it by keeping amino acid levels elevated for a longer period of time.

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