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The Belly Fat Fight

Many of us need to lose belly fat. Unless we takes steps to stay fit and trim, we lose muscle tone, especially after reaching forty. Excess weight can lead to health complications such as sleep apnea(a momentary cessation of breathing while asleep) or, in cases of extreme obesity, diabetes, heart attack or a stroke. A handy ratio to determine your suitable weight is height to waist size; it should be at least two to one, i.e. if you are six feet–72 inches–tall, your waist should not be greater than 36 inches around. If you would like some pointers about how to lose beer belly overload, read on for some pointers,

To begin, look at what you eat. Unfortunately, a preference for fast foods and snacks, such a soft drinks or fried foods, while hands and tasty, are generally not very nutritious. Changes are not hard. Swap water for your soft drink and save 150 calories. Eat fruit–a banana, an orange or an apple is just as sweet and refreshing that cold drink but carries just half the calorie count and adds fiber, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

Dietary fiber can be worked into your diet rather easily. Avocados are a great source, as are beans and squash. Another source is psyllium husks, which can be found commercially under the brand name “Metamucil”. It can be added to soups, salads or home made items such as breads and deserts. Whatever the source, fiber is credited with helping to remove excess cholesterol and promoting regularity. But perhaps the best reason for adding fiber for weight control is that it acts to minimize dietary sluggishness which may enhance the burning of calories.
You will not lose weight by skipping meals, but you might consider eating a larger number of smaller meals. That will quell hunger pangs.

Exercise should also be considered. Start with short sessions and work your way up. Vigorous aerobics thirty minutes is a good goal. Yoga or eastern martial arts is less stressful on the joints.

The fight to lose stubborn belly fat is a daily battle. Remember, you did not gain all that weight overnight so do not expect to lose it that way either. Dedication is a must but the rewards of more energy and zest for life make it all worthwhile.

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