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Natural Fat Burning Foods Still The Answer

The battle for a leaner body has experts from every arena pitching in to explain why their latest workout program, diet program, or body cleanse is the greatest breakthrough ever. Bombarded by infomercials, the average person has no clear-cut way of knowing what may work for them and the frustration continues. Luckily, science gives us answers by testing and producing repeated results, and the answer to burning fat still lies in the most ancient of findings – food. Natural fat burning foods have, and always will be, the staple to achieve a lean body that is also a healthy one.

Exercise Alone Will Not Yield Success

For most adults, not even a full-time regimen of the most intense exercise ever designed can battle fat if we continuously fill ourselves with over 4000 calories of drive-thru greasiness every day. To become and stay lean, sticking to the best fat burning foods is instrumental. Luckily, most grocery stores are set up in such a way that walking the perimeter will lead you right to the top fat burning foods without even trying.

The Quick List

Luckily, the most natural fat burning foods do not make up a list a mile long. By making the following foods the base for diet, the fat will start to melt away and a leaner body will be just around the corner. Start with broccoli and green salads. The indoles, a compound found in broccoli, actually make the body less efficient at storing fat and the fiber-laden salad before a meal or as a meal fill the body with nutrients and give a feeling of fullness that is long lasting. Whole grain breads and oatmeal are digested more slowly and contain the most fiber per serving, allowing for faster and easier fat shedding, but cannot be over-indulged in for fear of insulin spikes leading to fat storage. Lean meats and fish provide necessary protein, creatine, and omega-3 fatty acids to the diet, all of which have been proven time and again to reduce body fat, as well as promote muscle strength and endurance, giving an all around fat-blasting punch. Spicy foods containing chili peppers, red pepper, or paprika tantalize the palate and also make it easier to become lean. Fat-free milk, cheese, and cottage cheese provide dietary calcium that actually increases the rate of fat oxidation, helping rid the body of unwanted flab at top speed.

By keeping the aforementioned foods the base around which the daily diet is planned, nature is allowed to step in and rid the body of its most unwanted enemy – fat. Forget the hype of infomercials and starvation Hollywood diets. Natural fat burning foods have always been available and will never go away. It takes only the knowledge and the discipline to make them work the way they were intended to.

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