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Ideal Weight for Your Height

We are living in an era where lots of people have problems with their weight. Cases of obesity and overweight people are on the increase. More than ever, people are trying to cut down on their weight in order to match those idolized slim figures that have become an all too common feature in the billboards and TV’s. The topic of the best weight range has generated a lot of interest from across the board. More and more people are in pursuit of that model mass or ideal weight for height that has been extremely elusive throughout the years. This topic has all people of all walks of life throwing in their hats to the ring. Overweight people are seeking to reduce their weight to manageable levels while the underweight want to put on some pounds in order to achieve the model mass. There are also the bodybuilders and people who are of an average weight who are also struggling to maintain their weight.

It is important to understand how to calculate one’s model weight. The primary factor here is the height of the person. People tend to have different body types which handle different weight ranges differently. However, all individuals who have a certain height should have weights which are within a certain range. A case in point is women who have a height of 5’3 should have weights ranging from 107lbs to 141lbs. anything below this is considered as being underweight while anything above is being overweight.

Age also plays a big factor when it comes to calculating the ideal weight for a person. This can be explained by the fact that as a person ages, his/her weight tends to fluctuate despite his/her height. This means that a 22 year old 6foot man’s ideal weight does not necessary have to equal to that of a 60 year old man who is also 6foot tall.

You might therefore wonder how exactly the weight of a person is calculated if you have to factor in age and height. We use a formula referred to as the Body Mass Index (BMI). This formula is used to come up with an individual’s model weight array. You are required to divide that persons weight by his or her height’s square. The ideal BMI values lie from 18.5 to 25. It is also important to consider achieving a dead weight loss. This is where you increase your physical activity in order to get rid of that unsightly flab which constitutes the dead weight.

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