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ECA Stack, It’s Back and It’s Even Better!

Drug combination’s work better than single issues. The synergism of the different functions rolled into one, is very effective when applied accordingly. This is how ECA stack work and the main reason why it’s very efficient in doing what it was created for.

ECA is an acronym of three different drugs mixed together. Except for the first one, the two others are very common and are considered household items that we always have in our shelves or medicine cabinet.

E is for the ephedrine we take as pills and put into our tongue. C is for caffeine that we take each morning during breakfast time. And A is for aspirin, the most common headache reliever before the coming of more effective and less dangerous products. Why were they brought together and why is there more speculation than scientific research?

Ephedrine is a powerful antidepressant drug. The alkaloid version was banned because of life threatening side effects. There are two sources of Ephedra and what’s being used in ECA is not part of the banned substance. It’s the version used by Chinese acupuncturists and tea preparations for slimming and was approved by FDA.

The action of Ephedrine is more on manipulating the brain and the effect is felt in all the parts of the body which the drug is suppose to deal with. From the brain, the information is relayed to the body through the nerve connections and an increase in metabolic rate occurs. Metabolic rate increases if the body is engaged in physical activities like workouts or any sweat producing movements. The drug has the ability to do these even without physical exertion and therefore can burn the fats even if the person using the drug is just watching TV or lying down.

Together with caffeine, the effect is even amplified. This the reason why ECA stack is in demand by individuals who have lost hope in other fad diet pills because they are not as effective as the combination of ephedrine and caffeine.

The most telling effect of ECA however is not increasing the energy level of the body but decreasing the user’s appetite for food. The user is in perpetual fasting without the accompanying hunger pang and physical weakness. The consumer goes on his normal activity and won’t even manifest even the slightest fragility or languor. This is an ideal way of how to lose weight fast without exerting too much effort.

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