Shortcut to have a Six Pack

Everyone wants shortcuts. What if I tell you there is a shortcut on having the six pack abs you dreamed of? There actually is. Here is the shortcut way on how to get a six pack.

Have a plan

Plan ahead if you want. Of course there is qualification. You should have the right weight in regards to your height. If you currently have the belly fats hanging, don’t worry. There are a lot of ways to lose them. If you are determined enough you can do it in a couple of weeks, there are a lot of resources in regards to losing weight as well. As long as you do cardio exercise and proper diet then you will lose those belly fats in no time.

Once you get to the ideal weight, then you can now start your schedule. Proper scheduling and target setting, is the key to have abs. You will now create a checklist on these exercises. This is the secret. Print out a daily schedule or planner. Include the entire check list for the exercise. They should contain all the necessary exercise and the repetitions and target. Be specific.

The formula is to manage 20 repetitions in the first week for each variation of abdominal exercise. On the second week, add another twenty to the original twenty. This goes on until you reach a hundred repetitions. Do this 3 to 4 times a week alternating with rest days. You could do cardio exercise for your rest days, which has less strain on the body.

The different abdominal exercise

The basics are crunches, sit ups, leg lifts. Also try to incorporate other resistance exercise, including push ups. You apply the 20 repetitions to the abdominal exercises and increment on the next week. Have at least 5 variations of these exercises that target the whole muscles in the abdomen. But take note not to overdo it. If you start to experience body pains already, then have a rest. That’s the purpose of the alternate rest days to allow your muscles to relax and avoid strains.

How long does it take to get a six pack is a thing you should uncover. One month is all it takes, or even during the start of the second week. As long as you follow the planner and reach your target, you will surely amazing results!

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