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5 Best Exercises For Losing Weight Fast

If you’re looking to shed the fat that you’ve gained over the years, the following 5 best exercises for losing weight fast will be a must-have in your workout program.  These exercises are going to work multiple muscle groups at once, therefore causing you to not only burn more calories while you perform them, but also burn more calories after you finish the workout as well.

Since total calorie burn over the course of the day is one of the greatest determinants of weight loss success, this is a big point you must consider when creating your workouts.

Let’s look at the 5 best exercises for losing weight fast.


First up on our list is the squat.  By far, if you want an effective lower body exercise, the squat is it.  The squat is going to work numerous muscles all at once including the glutes, hamstrings, and quads, and will also call the abs into play as they help you maintain your balance as well.

Begin your workout out with a set of heavy squats and you’re off to a fat burning start.


Another great lower body exercise that you’ll want to add in are deadlifts.  Deadlifts place more focus on the hamstring and lower back muscles, and will really help to increase your overall strength and power level.

Deadlifts can either be performed after your squats or in a different workout entirely since they are such an intense exercise as well.


Moving to the upper body, you can’t go wrong with push-ups. Push-ups can be done anywhere so are perfect for those completing home workout sessions.

To advance the basic push-up if you find it’s too easy for you, place the hands up on an exercise ball.  This will also really stimulate the abs to a maximum extent, so you’ll get a fantastic core workout at the same time.


The second upper body workout to add into the program is pull-ups. Pull-ups are great for targeting the back and biceps and will help build up muscular endurance as well.  Perform as many as you can to fatigue, then rest for a minute and repeat the process.

If you can’t do a full pull-up yourself yet, get someone to hold onto your legs and gently help you through the motion.

Running Sprints

Finally, moving away from strength training entirely, don’t forget to add some running sprints. Interval training is by far the best form of cardio for losing weight fast so must be included in your workout program.

Run as hard as you can for 20-30 seconds and then slow to a walk for another 60.  Repeat this process ten times and you’ll be burning fat all day long after that session is over.

So there you have the top 5 best exercises for losing weight fast. If you can make sure you perform the strength exercises three times per week and couple that with two sessions of interval training, you’ll be on track to burning fat at maximum speed.

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