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HOW TO: Enjoy Your Losing Weight: 5 Really Easy and Fun Tips

Pomme d'AmourThe quest for the Holy Grail has been one of the most celebrated legends of our time.  King Arthur and his knights went through hell and high water as they embarked on that journey.  But there is an even more enduring quest which spans time, age, race, sex, and religion: the quest for weight loss.

These are two simple, monosyllabic words which, when heard, often elicits a gamut of reactions…ranging from peals of incredulous laughter to fiery outrage.  Is weight loss really hard to achieve?  Not really, as there are easy ways to attain this goal:

  1. Shop – yes, ladies! Our favorite activity does present health benefits!  Obviously, hopping from one store to another burns calories.  Don’t hesitate to buy your loved one that expensive shirt he’s been egging you to get him.  This works two ways: you lose weight by walking around the mall, hunting for that prized present, and as you spend, your wallet feels lighter.
  2. Eat solo, slowly – When we eat out with a bunch of friends, we tend to literally bite off more than we could chew.  Eating with company simply makes the whole experience more fun, so we can’t help but savor the moment, and all the oily (but yummy!) grease that comes with it. So, we should just counter that and eat alone and slowly.   It takes 20 minutes for your brain to tell you that you’re full, so eat that T-bone steak for 20 minutes, and you’ll be stuffed even before you’ve gone halfway through it.
  3. Indulge a bit – Don’t deprive yourself of that bar of chocolate or slice of decadent cake.  It’s perfectly alright to treat yourself once in a while, as restricting yourself could lead to a relapse.
  4. Skip rope, but do not skip meals –  If you skip lunch, for instance, this will make you feel hungrier, so you tend to make up for it by wolfing down that extra quarter pounder when dinnertime comes.
  5. Steer clear of soda –  Sugary drinks, juices, even that tiny lump of sugar in your brewed coffee all add up.  Fill up on water instead.  It not only hydrates you, it also makes you feel full.

Discipline does work wonders on just about anything. Exercising both self-control and on that stationary bike will benefit you tremendously.  Your waist and hips will thank you for it.  If you set our mind to it, you too can conquer the Holy Grail of weight loss.

Jessy Troy is a stay-at-home mom and a lifestyle blogger. She loves writing about weight loss, frugal living and green gadgets. Her two newest dieting blogs are lean cuisine diet and weight loss diet. Please follow Jessy on Twitter as @JessyTroy

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Definitely agree on the skipping soda, with no thermic effect and excess sugar it goes straight to the hips!

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