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Knowing When HCG Side Effects Are Alarming

Side effects are unwanted signs or symptoms that appear on a person’s body after taking some sort of medication.  Some may range from mild side effects and some may even be fatal.  As with any kind of medication, there might be some hCG side effects when going on the dr simeons hCG diet.  This involves the daily dose of the hormone hCG which could induce some side effects to people.  This is not so surprising because just like with any kind of medication, it is possible for a person who is dieting to suffer some side effects when taking the hormone.

The dr simeons hCG diet was first discovered by Dr. Albert T. W. Simeons himself in the 1950’s.  He had discovered the effects of the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) on the body of a person who wanted to lose weight.  This is supposed to be coupled with a very low calorie diet. Many people might be quite apprehensive about the hCG side effects.  There are quite a few side effects when using the hormone for weight loss.  Most of the side effects are mild, but there are a few rare side effects.  It is important to know these side effects so that in the future, dieters will not be alarmed.

When going on the dr simeons hCG diet, there are a few hCG side effects to take note of.  One of this is: headaches.  Dieters on the hormonal diet may experience bouts of headaches.  According to some experts, this is most likely because of the low calorie diet.  Another side effect to remember is depression.  Since the hormone is known to act directly on the hypothalamus, which is responsible for controlling a person’s emotions, a person may become moody or irritable and may even suffer from depression.  There are other rare side effects and the majority does not complain of suffering from them.

As like with other diets taking supplements, a dieter may suffer from a few side effects.  This is usually normal, but if there are other alarming side effects, the doctor may be needed to intervene.  Dr simeons hCG diet is a diet that involves a supplement to aid in the weight loss, so it is important to know how the hormone acts on the body.  Some hCG side effects may be common and there are others that are very rare and only happen once in a blue moon.  This usually happens out of disregard for the rules of the use of the hormone.

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Endobarriers – for weight loss and diabetic control?

Gastric bands have been widely reported on in the press. Some of the results seem amazing. However any form or surgery carries risks and if there was a non invasive way to provide the same result as well as offering the potential to control or indeed to cure Type 2 Diabetes then surely this would be a good idea? Well a  new treatment, using an Endobarrier, is being trialled and some professionals are getting very excited about the prospects. Let’s see what it involves.

Obesity and class 2 diabetes are closely linked. No one knows for sure which causes which or indeed what the full links between the two are. What we do know for sure is that both are a serious and growing threat to our health.Professionals will measure how overweight you are by calculating your body mass index or BMI. If your BMI is over 30 then you are clinically obese.It has been suggested that there are as many as 525 million obese adults worldwide. The figures for diabetes are also quite overwhelming with over 250 million people living with the disease.

The endobarrier offers a non surgical solution to both these health problems. It is basically a plastic tube which is anchored to the duodenal intestine, immediately below your stomach, and it will regulate what food substances re absorbed into your body.It will stop fats, sugars and salts whilst allowing essential vitamins and nutrients to be absorbed. By preventing food from coming into contact with the bowel it can also stop certain hormones  and nerve signals from being released by the intestine.This then reduces the resistance to insulin which lowers the threat of diabetes.

The endobarrier is inserted through the mouth whislt the patient is under general anaesthetic. It should take about 20 minutes and there is no invasive surgery. It will sit inside the patient for 12 months  at the end of which it is quickly removed under a mild local anaesthetic.
It is important to realise that during and after the 12 months there is a suggested diet which as well as eating more healthily also encourages smaller portions and lots of fruit and vegetables. Exercise is also encouraged.

Who is suited for the procedure?

Anyone who Has type 2 diabetesIs and is between 18 and 60.Obese patients ( BMI over 30 and below 50)are also suited to the procedure.Your blood glucose levels are important and anyone showing over 7.5% but under 10.5% for their HbA1c should qualify. Another indicator of suitability would be a patient taking either oral glycemics or less than 150 units per day.

What might stop the endobarrier being fitted?

Anyone who
Has stomach ulcers (peptic ulcers)Has bleeding disorders (eg people with haemophilia or on anti-arthritis drugs)Has had major digestive surgery in the past

Are there any side effects?
Minor but you do get slight bloating and occassionally abdominal pains.

Let us all hope that this new procedure really does offer a good way forward for the treatment and control of these two major health problems.



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Article written by Mike Holly. Mike lives and works in the North of England and has been researching cottages throughout Northumberland.

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Using Whey Protein Powder as a Weight Loss Aid

Whey protein powder is popular with sports athletes and weight lifters. It’s an excellent form of high-quality protein which is simple to digest and low in fat content. Protein is important for dieting. Protein helps repair all the tissues and cells in the body and isn’t converted to fat like carbohydrates can be. More to the point, it helps you feel fuller and more satiated, which means you consume less food.

Visit a health or nutrition store to purchase whey protein powder. Don’t mistake it for soy or some other kind of protein supplement. They are totally different. An important point to consider when buying whey is its taste. Purchasing a large tub of something that you don’t like the taste of will not do you a lot of good if you can’t eat it. Try out some samples or purchase a smaller tub and try that out first.

Mix up whey protein powder to make shakes. The recommended ratio is 1 scoop of whey to 8 ounces of any liquid. The tastiest option is to mix whey protein powder into milk. Skimmed milk is the best for dieting because it contains zero amounts of fat. If you’re very worried about consuming to many calories, you can mix water with whey protein powder. Use a blender machine or shaker cup for mixing your whey shakes. A spoon won’t disperse the whey powder effectively.

You can use whey protein shakes as a  meal replacement and a product called “Whey Protein Light” is considered the best protein powder for weight loss. When you’re on a diet, it is best to eat between 5 to 7 smaller meals daily rather than 3 large ones. A whey protein shake can be used for 2 or 3 of those meals. The shakes will satiate you and the protein also helps you to not lose lean muscle which can often be a side effect of consuming fewer calories.

Whey protein powder can be added to other foods, too. You can actually become bored with drinking too many whey shakes. Mixing things up a bit helps to keep things interesting. Instead of just mixing with skim milk or water, make a smoothie by adding healthy fruits like berries or banana. Whey can be sprinkled on breakfast cereal, mixed into oatmeal or used in bread-making.

You may also notice that there are two main types of whey protein at the store, whey isolates and whey concentrates. Either one is a low-fat high-protein product, the isolates just happen to be ultra low in fat or contain no fat. However, the isolates are often one and half to two times as expensive and the fat difference is usually minimal.

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