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Knowing When HCG Side Effects Are Alarming

Side effects are unwanted signs or symptoms that appear on a person’s body after taking some sort of medication.  Some may range from mild side effects and some may even be fatal.  As with any kind of medication, there might be some hCG side effects when going on the dr simeons hCG diet.  This involves the daily dose of the hormone hCG which could induce some side effects to people.  This is not so surprising because just like with any kind of medication, it is possible for a person who is dieting to suffer some side effects when taking the hormone.

The dr simeons hCG diet was first discovered by Dr. Albert T. W. Simeons himself in the 1950’s.  He had discovered the effects of the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) on the body of a person who wanted to lose weight.  This is supposed to be coupled with a very low calorie diet. Many people might be quite apprehensive about the hCG side effects.  There are quite a few side effects when using the hormone for weight loss.  Most of the side effects are mild, but there are a few rare side effects.  It is important to know these side effects so that in the future, dieters will not be alarmed.

When going on the dr simeons hCG diet, there are a few hCG side effects to take note of.  One of this is: headaches.  Dieters on the hormonal diet may experience bouts of headaches.  According to some experts, this is most likely because of the low calorie diet.  Another side effect to remember is depression.  Since the hormone is known to act directly on the hypothalamus, which is responsible for controlling a person’s emotions, a person may become moody or irritable and may even suffer from depression.  There are other rare side effects and the majority does not complain of suffering from them.

As like with other diets taking supplements, a dieter may suffer from a few side effects.  This is usually normal, but if there are other alarming side effects, the doctor may be needed to intervene.  Dr simeons hCG diet is a diet that involves a supplement to aid in the weight loss, so it is important to know how the hormone acts on the body.  Some hCG side effects may be common and there are others that are very rare and only happen once in a blue moon.  This usually happens out of disregard for the rules of the use of the hormone.

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