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Guided Weight Loss Solutions with Medications

The 29th Annual Scientific Meeting will be held in Orlando Florid during the first week of October 2011, and will be attended by members of The Obesity Society, the American leader in finding weight loss solutions, researching obesity causes, educating physicians and providing weight loss solutions for their patients.

Between 2008 and 2010, the Obesity Society began a program for MDs and ODs called COMP, in other words, the Certified Obesity Medical Physician program. However the examinations for certification are scheduled for sometime in 2011, now that the knowledge has been compiled in a set of 25 subjects including pharmaceutical medicine (such as determining the best diet pills), psychology, and nutrition and exercise as a weight loss solution. The COMP program derives it’s information and provides credentials to qualified physicians based on what thirteen different societies have developed as a team. In order to offer important breakthroughs in areas that affect obesity in the American population, the Obesity Society is joined by American Boards, Academies, Colleges, Associations and Societies of pediatricians, endocrinologists, nutrition specialists, obstetricians / gynecologists, doctors of sports medicine, diabetes experts, gastroenterological specialist, heart professionals as well as metabolic and bariatric surgeons.

Individuals who seek professional weight loss solutions with guided management, counseling, and suggestions for natural / pharmaceutical products that may include the best diet pills that have been scientifically tested and proven to help, must look for Certified Obesity Medical Physicians. Why? With over half the American population suffering from weight related conditions, people can no longer leave their fate in the hands of marketing gurus and quacks who make empty promises or promote products with unsubstantiated evidence, alleging that the best diet pills are some proprietary exotic formula, or that their weight loss supplements are effective weight loss solutions without a shred of clinical proof. It’s time for Americans to seek the advice of COMP certified professionals who can offer genuine guided weight loss solutions that work based on the best science and technology available.

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