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Losing Weight Too Quickly – Is It Really Dangerous?

So, you need to drop a few pounds. But did you know that you can actually lose too much weight too quickly? That’s right… those crash diets can actually be a threat to your health!

Even people who think they’ve got a healthy diet plan need to be careful. For example, more and more people are turning to Pinolenic Acid – a natural appetite suppressant found in Korean pine nuts. While research shows that Pinolenic Acid is completely natural and very effective, you don’t want to go overboard with it. That’s because even the safest of diets can turn dangerous if you don’t do it in moderation.

So, how much weight is safe to lose?

Average-sized people can really only lose 1-2 pounds per week safely. If you’re obese, you might be able to lose 3-4 pounds per week safely. If you lose any more than that, you are putting your body at risk.

Here’s how:

  • According to the National Institute of Health, losing more than 3 pounds in a week can make you more susceptible to developing gallstones. Or, it can cause dormant gallstones to suddenly flare up and get worse.
  • If you take in fewer than 1,200 calories per day, you are officially considered “malnourished” – meaning that your body isn’t getting the basic nutrients it needs to survive. If you stay malnourished long enough, you can develop heart and liver problems. Plus, you’ll constantly feel lethargic and fatigued.
  • When you lose weight at a safe rate, your skin has time to catch up and shrink right along with your waistline. But, if you lose weight too quickly, your skin can’t keep up – and you wind up with excess skin folds that, in many cases, can only be removed through plastic surgery.
  • Losing weight the right way means losing excess fat and keeping your muscle mass intact. However, when you start losing weight at an unsafe pace, your body doesn’t know what to shed – and you wind up losing a lot of muscle instead of fat.
  • By losing too much weight too quickly, you put yourself at risk of falling into a “yo-yo diet” pattern. After all, losing a ton of weight all at once means that you’ve done something drastic, instead of simply adapting healthier eating habits. However, your body can only keep up that pace for so long. Before you know it, you’ll revert back to your old eating habits and put all of the weight back on. Yo-yo dieting can be dangerous, both physically and mentally.


Kirsty LaVier is editor for Pinolenic, an information site about Pinolenic Acid.

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