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Getting to Know the Original HCG Protocol

Since the 1950s, the protocol for the hCG diet has undergone many alterations that have been hailed as innovations. Nevertheless, anyone new to the diet should first get to know the original hCG protocol as outlined by Dr. Albert Simeons in his famous manuscript, Pounds and Inches. The Simeons protocol is the foundation for all hCG weight loss diet systems.

HCG Treatment

Human Chorionic Gondroitin, according to Simeons, is an appetite suppressant that enables dieters to eat only 500 calories a day without hunger—though critics claim that hCG is nothing but a placebo. In the classic hCG protocol, dieters are given daily 125-IU injections of hCG over the course of 40 days or 23 days, depending on the amount of weight one wishes to lose. The standard claim that those on the hCG diet typically lose one pound a day.

The 500 Calorie Diet

Weight loss of a pound a day becomes less unbelievable when it’s understood that only 500 calories a day are being eaten. Again, Simeons maintains that it is the hCG hormone that makes the diet sustainable.

Nothing is consumed for breakfast except for tea or coffee with no sugar added. For lunch, dieters can choose one vegetable, one fruit (a half-grapefruit, an apple or orange), one breadstick, and 100 grams (weighed prior to cooking) of lean meat or fish. The same meal selection is repeated for dinner.

Further Restrictions

To prevent alterations in hCG hormone activity, the following items are prohibited: aspirin, oil-based condiments, oil- or cream-based cosmetics, massage treatments, sugar and alcohol. Exercise is permitted; saccharine or Stevia are allowed to substitute for sugar; and powder-based cosmetics are acceptable.

Further Research

Since even the most liberal hCG protocols are quite restrictive, and since there are many competing protocols to choose from, one should look for a good hCG diet forum to get a wide range of experiences and opinions on different approaches. While books often have more in-depth research, forums tend to have more less sanitized and more honest accounts of the hCG diet.

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