Perfect Meals For A 1500 Calorie Diet Plan

Following a 1500 calorie diet plan can help you achieve your weight loss goals.  A 1500 calorie diet menu will reduce the fat from your diet, which can also help you if you want to also build muscle in a fitness regimen.  There are several meal plans you can follow with a 1500 calorie diet for women that will give you plenty of proteins and carbohydrates while keeping your fat intake very low.

Take for example a light breakfast of shredded wheat cereal, skim milk and strawberries can keep you within your 1500 calorie range.  It is important to keep within your portions of one and a half cups of cereal and milk and a half cup of strawberries.  As an alternative, you can also have a breakfast of four egg whites and one whole egg scrambled and half a large grapefruit can also keep you within the desired calorie range.

There are numerous other low calorie meals you can have for lunch or dinner depending upon your preferences.  Grilled chicken breasts make good and filling meals with the right sides.  A three ounce grilled chicken breast with half a cup of brown rice and six ounces of green beans has approximately 1500 calories.  If you want a light lunch, you can have the grilled chicken breast with three tablespoons of light Italian dressing on two cups of a large mixed green salad.

You can consider other meals  such as one made from four ounces of salmon as it helps to look into fish and seafood to help keep the calories down in many meals.  No matter what you decide to use for your meals, it is important that you count the number of calories in every kind of food you plan to consume. Whatever you do, the 1500 calorie diet menu is the way to go if you want to lose weight.