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Say “No” To Freshman 15

A common phrase among college students is the dreaded freshman 15. A time in their lives when they are living out on their own and have to learn how to eat properly. They no longer have parents to hold their hand and help them to eat the right things. They may not have ever shopped or cooked a proper meal before. The school cafeteria is full of delicious and unhealthy food just begging to be eaten. With so many tempting things, it is no wonder that young adults fall victim to the freshman 15.

With every problem there is a solution. The first part of the solution is to get enough sleep. Most college students stay up late studying, or hanging out with friends only to get up early in the morning to go to class. By not getting enough sleep, their bodies will produce more fat. Make a conscious effort to go to bed at a decent time; try to be consistent with your sleep schedule. The more consistent, the more your body will get used to it and the better you will sleep. Getting eight hours of sleep can go a long way towards making anyone a happy and healthy person.

The second part has to do with food. Eating fatty foods like Oreos, cookies, chips, and macaroni and cheese, which all have simple sugars is not healthy. They tend leave the consumer more tired and hungry than before the snack was eaten. Some dietitians suggest to get according to the rainbow. Be sure to eat greens, reds, yellows, then some browns, and whites. Another part of the solution is portion control. When anyone is placed in front of a buffet of food, their first impression is to eat all in sight, no matter how full you may get. This is not wise, as the body doesn’t need that much food. One more thing relating to food- don’t eat food late at night. At night, you are more likely to consume fatty foods in front of the television than during the day. It is better to eat during the day when you are aware of exactly how much food is on your plate.

Some studies show that if alcohol weren’t consumed the freshman 15 would lower to the freshman 5. Alcohol has a lot of hidden calories in it that most college students don’t count on. It adds unwanted weight to young freshman who just want to experience the joys of college life. Drinking alcohol in moderation can help reduce those calories, don’t overindulge.

With a new busy schedule and getting used to the college life, it’s hard to find the time to exercise. However, it is exceptionally important to fit in a thirty minute jog here and there. Find something that you like to do that keeps you moving. Whether it be dancing, yoga, or playing sports, any exercise is better than no exercise. A pass to the gym could also do wonders for those who actually utilize what it has to offer.

The freshman 15 is avoidable if you are aware of it and know what to do if you were to gain a few pounds. Sleep, proper amount of food, the right amount of food, less alcohol, and proper exercise can go a long way to preventing this unwanted college tradition. Just remember moderation in all things and it should be easier. Avoid that muffin top by eating an apple instead of your roommate’s chocolate chip cookies.

About the Author

Breanna Trost writes for an online resource for colleges students called My Colleges and Careers assists prospective students as they search for online courses that can help them start a new career.

dieting exercise free trials weight loss

The General Motors Diet

With the rocketing number of people dying from cancer, heart problems, diabetes, and obesity, people nowadays have become careful of their health. Consumers are now starting to appreciate the health benefits of organic products as well as the advantages of regular exercise and following a proper diet.

But with all the types of diets available today, choosing one that is right for you can be challenging. Some diets are easy to sustain, while others are challenging right from the start. There are diet programs that promise immediate results, while there are others that need time to show results.

Fortunately there is one particular diet program that gives you a little of all the benefits mentioned above – the GM diet.

GM Diet

The GM diet or the General Motors diet is a diet plan coined by one of America’s largest company for their employees. The company was said to have spent a lot of money on research and laboratory tests just to come up with an effective diet that is both highly effective and easy to follow.

The GM diet is one of the oldest diet plans in the world, but it has been just recently that this diet plan reached the attention of millions. It aims to shed 10 to 17 pounds off a person every week, while the diet is ongoing. But aside from losing weight, the GM diet also helps elevate mood and helps calm your emotions.

The Diet Plan

Just like any other diet program, the GM diet has two basic rules. The first one is to abstain from alcohol while on the GM diet, and the second is to drink at least 10 glasses a day, everyday.

In a nutshell, the GM diet plan is about eating fruits and vegetables for seven straight days. While you will be allowed to eat beef and rice on the later part of the week, your meals in general will consist of greens, watermelons, bananas, tomatoes, and the likes.

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