3 Healthy Strategies to Lose Weight Naturally

Many people are looking to lose weight but do not know where to start. The health and weight loss industry is saturated with crash diets and false or misleading information that it can be tricky finding a program that actually works.

But weight loss doesn’t have to be hard, there are ways that won’t cost much and won’t leave you feeling deprived. The following are some easy tips to lose weight that does not involve starvation and can lead to better decisions, healthier habits and an overall lifestyle improvement.

Keep A Diary

Using a cheap notebook, write down everything you eat. This will force you to be conscious and think twice about everything that you eat which inevitably leads to better decisions. Many of us have a habit of eating without half a thought about what it is going to do to our bodies. It has been shown that people who keep a food diary end up eating approximately 15 percent less food.

Walk More

Most of us lead very sedentary lives since many people work at a desk or some office setting. To make up for this you can get a pedometer to track how many steps you take throughout the day. Then make the effort to take an extra thousand or even two thousand steps every day and watch the pounds fall off. This seemingly small change can be a fast way to lose 10 pounds when combined with a smarter diet.

Get New Plates

It has been proven that how full and satisfied we feel after a meal is directly linked to our impression of how much food we’ve eaten. By using smaller plates, researchers have found that participants in a study reported feel equally satisfied despite eating significantly less food.

These strategies aren’t going to lead to fast weight loss but most crash diets that promise quick results are not sustainable and can be dangerous. The best way to lose weight is by developing a healthy lifestyle and let the weight disappear as a side effect of your new habits.