Pros and Cons of a High Protein Diet

If you have some extra pounds you need to get rid of or, who knows, maybe you just want to prevent them from appearing, it may be a good idea to follow a high protein diet plan. Usually, this type of nutrition plan is combined with the low carbohydrates diet and this package has often proven to be an excellent choice. It is very easy to implement a high protein diet because most of the foods you would have to eat are also rich in minerals and vitamins your body truly needs. If you choose to go on this path, expect to shop for a lot of seeds, nuts, oils, fats, legumes and most importantly, meats.

Why would I want to follow this diet?

This diet has a lot of uses and it is mostly useful for those who are following some kind of weight loss program. One of the best advantages is that by following a diet that involves the consumption of a lot of protein your appetite is greatly reduced. Foods that are rich in protein usually take more time to be digested by your stomach than other types of food, so the dieter will eat less often and in smaller quantities.

Furthermore, the dieter’s body can enter a ketosis phase. In this case, the consumption of carbohydrates is vastly reduced. If you have done your homework on nutrition you may already know that carbohydrates are your body’s main energy source. However, once you start consuming less carbohydrate –rich foods, your body starts to look for other sources of energy. More often than not, a lot of stored fats will be burnt and you will lose a lot of weight as a result.

Are there any side effects?

As with any other program that includes manipulating your diet, some negative effects are bound to appear. The most important one is that your kidneys might suffer. When you consume a lot of protein, your body secrets increased levels of uric acid which has to pass through your kidneys at one point or another. If the diet lasts too long, your kidneys might not keep. Consequently, if you already have such health problems it is crucial that you consult a doctor before manipulating your diet.

Moreover, a lot of foods that are high in protein also contain a lot of fats so your cholesterol levels might increase and bring forward heart problems. Couple that with the fact that you are going to consume fewer carbohydrates (they contain fibers which control cholesterol) and you can see why this type of diet is not for everyone.