Keeping Healthy When Visiting Hot Countries

When taking a holiday in a hot country it is important to take account of the weather conditions, whether you are taking a beach break in the Mediterranean or a shopping trip to Adu Dhabi, over exposure to heat can cause serious health risks.

Effects of heat

Spending too much time in the sun, no matter how appealing, can have serious effects on your health. The main result of over exposure to the sun is the risk of burning. Although the idea of sun tanning is to nicely bake yourself, each year many people overdo their sun worshipping and have to be treated for serious burns or heatstroke and with the added risk of skin cancer if you expose yourself to the sun for a prolonged period.

The other effect of too much sun is dehydration, which can cause nausea, fatigue, muscle cramps and headaches. If you become seriously dehydrated your body could suffer seizures, vomiting, muscle spasms and delirium.

Tips for keeping yourself safe and healthy when taking a holiday in a hot climate include:-


1      Keep hydrated, drink plenty of bottled water, make sure they are sealed tightly when you buy them as well. This is the main way of avoiding dehydration; also remember that infants and children may suffer the effects from a lack of water a lot sooner than adults.

2      Cut down on soft drinks, sugary drinks, alcohol and caffeinated drinks such as tea or coffee during the hottest parts of the day. These liquids have the opposite effect to hydrating the body.

3      Avoid ice in drinks as it is normally made from tap water.

4      Avoid over exertion, light exercise is obviously good for you but strenuous games of beach football in 40-degree temperatures can be damaging.

5      Stay clear of direct, midday sun, the hottest part of the day is between 11am and 3pm.

6   Make sure that you have all the recommended inoculations for the country to which you are travelling.

7   Wear light clothing, sunglasses and a hat to protect you from the harmful effects of the sun.

8   Apply the correct factor sun block, at least, sunscreen protection factor SPF 30.

9   Find a cool shady place to sit or spend midday indoors in a cool air-conditioned place.


For mild cases of dehydration you simply need to replace the lost fluids, electrolytes and salts from your body. You can also purchase over the counter sports drinks, which normally contain the right balance of electrolytes for your body. Where people are suffering from more serious levels of dehydration they may require medical assistance and the administration of intravenous fluids.

If you do spend too much time in the sun the best course of action is to take painkillers to help the pain, a cool shower or a bath will also help alleviate the discomfort. Drink lots of water to keep you hydrated and taking moisturisers or after sun creams on holiday with you; especially ones that contain aloe vera is a good idea.  In the case of sever sunburn a trip to the local hospital or doctor may be necessary to receive the appropriate treatment.

Jim Dean is a keen travel blogger and writes for Etihad airways who can offer you flights to Abu Dhabi as well as many other great (and hot!) places.

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Best Blender Recommendation: The Ultimate Smoothie Maker Machine

Losing weight is hard, no question about it. So, if you are trying to shed some pounds, you need all the help you can get. No wonder there is an entire industry trying to sell stuff to people on a diet. Certainly a lot of these products can be helpful, but most of the stuff you really can do without just fine.

However, there is one product that I think can be extremely helpful for anyone who is striving to eat a healthy diet and maintain an optimal weight, and that is a quality kitchen blender. And when it comes to blenders, there are really only two blenders on the market that are worth your money: VitaMix and BlendTec. Both of them are excellent appliances, and if you are trying to weight pros and cons of Blendtec vs Vitamix, there is one thing to keep in mind: you cannot really go wrong with either of them. They are both excellent machines and best smoothie makers on the market today. Although they cost considerably more than your average blender available in the stores, they are well worth the investment.

You know that when trying to eat healthy, you should eat lots and lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and greens. Eating raw foods is especially helpful when trying to lose weight fast, as you don’t need to limit yourself and count calories when eating these foods. Fresh raw fruits and veggies are quite filling (lots of fiber), while requiring lots of energy to digest – so you don’t gain weight no matter how much of them you eat.

However, most people have trouble implementing this simple change into their busy daily schedule. The problem is that some of these healthy dishes – salads, vegetable soups, stews, etc. – take lots of preparation time. Just washing, drying and chopping all the veggies for a salad, and then the time required to eat that salad – raw foods definitely take longer to chew than cooked foods – will most likely take over 30 minutes. While this isn’t a lot – it’s often more than an average person is willing to spend.

Of course, you can use a food processor or a cheaper blender, if you own one, to help you with all the chopping. However, investing in a quality blender is in my opinion a worthy investment. You can prepare smoothies, blend your salads to a consistency of a stew, or make soups. Green smoothies are gaining popularity lately as they help people increase their consumption of super-healthy leafy greens that most of us lack in our diets. With either one of these blenders, you can replace up to nine other kitchen appliances –no need for a separate grain mill, ice-cream maker, smoothie maker, milkshake maker, juicer, coffee grinder, or ice crusher. Just try it and I guarantee that you’ll love it!

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Stop Weight Gain from Anti-Depressants

As many as 25 percent of people taking antidepressants report weight gain. The weight gain can lead to even greater depression. Some see an increase of only a few pounds, while others pack on 100 pounds or more. While most brands of antidepressants list weight gain as a side effect, not all depressants will make you put on weight because everyone’s bodies react differently to medicines.

Of the most popular antidepressants, Effexor and Serzone are the least likely to cause weight gain. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) can cause weight gain, particularly Paxil. In this same family, including Lexapro, Prozac and Celexa, the drug Zoloft is the least likely medicine to cause weight gain.

Why Do Antidepressants Cause Weight Gain?

The reason behind the weight gain may be attributed to a variety of factors. No one can pinpoint the exact cause. When an individual is depressed, he or she may be less physically active and eat more as a way to feel better. Chronic stress could also be a reason why individuals gain weight, since stress can lead to depression and obesity.

Add to these difficulties that some antidepressants cause food cravings, especially for carbohydrates, which can lead to a significant increase in weight. There may also be an interaction with other drugs that adversely affects a once-fast metabolism.

It’s important to take action quickly before the weight gain becomes overwhelming. If you notice a gain of a few pounds that last more than a week, assume it might be a side effect of the drug and talk about it with your doctor.

How to Lose the Weight

A regimen of diet and exercise alone is an excellent prescription for depression. It’s a wonder doctors don’t prescribe exercise before trying antidepressants. At the very least, they should prescribe it along with antidepressants, especially with those known to contribute to weight gain.

It’s likely that behavioral and group therapist school training will change and begin recommending that therapists tell patients to add diet and exercise to their depression treatment regimens. Many patients could get the same benefit for depression without having to secure a prescription from a doctor for medication. Except in extreme circumstances, it makes little sense to prescribe medication unless diet and exercise have already been tried.

While stopping or switching medicines might be one answer, if the medication is helping the depression, it’s best to try diet and exercise first. The key is to count calories both consumed and spent, then be sure to run a calorie deficit of between 500 at 1,000 calories per day. One pound of fat it equivalent to about 3,500 calories, so a program like this will create slow, steady and healthy weight loss. If you continue to struggle with your weight, don’t give up hope. Talk with your doctor about other strategies that might help you maintain a healthy weight despite antidepressant side effects. provides tips, advice and school information for students seeking training as behavioral and group therapists.

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Weight Loss Tips- Do it Now

If you’re reading this article, you must be interested in weight loss and the quickest way to lose weight in a week. If so, how fast you want to seek out those extra kilos? While it is advisable to seek and / or use rapid methods of weight loss on a consistent basis, you should continue reading if you want to know some quick weight loss tips you may want to consider on a short term basis.

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Tips for Losing Weight and Living Better

Ten Tips for Healthy Weight Loss

Losing weight can be difficult, but it need not be. Following these quickest way to lose weight in a week, you can lose weight safely and keep it off. You can lose weight without starving or doing anything extreme. Start by applying these ten tips into your daily routine and see the kilos fall off.

Tip 1 .- Breaking bad habits.

Change foods like white bread for wholemeal bread and canned vegetables, for fresh vegetables or frozen. Buy foods with less sugar. Do not eat a snack while watching TV because there is a tendency to eat more than necessary. Think of other bad habits you can break.

Tip 1 .- Take a multivitamin.

Taking a multivitamin is very important because it helps you get the right nutrients. When the body lacks the nutrients you feel tired and lacking energy. This also leads to the disease.

Tip 3 .- Do not eat after 19:00 hours.

This gives your body a chance to process food and burn fat. During sleep, your metabolism slows, so if you go to sleep after eating, your body does not burn as many calories.

Tip 4 .- Find a partner who also has the goal of losing weight.

A partner for weight loss, will keep you motivated to continue with his plan, even when times get tough. There are online communities, you can take that will help you stay on track.

Tip 5 .- Exercise self-control and discipline.

To reach the goal in weight loss, most importantly the right attitude. Losing weight does not happen overnight and without effort.

Tip 6 .- Eat small meals.

It is very important not to allow hungry. If you expect to eat when they’re really hungry, you will end up overeating. The solution or the secret is to eat healthy fruits, vegetables, protein and fiber throughout the day.

Tip 7 .- Do not skip meals.

This is similar to advice 6. If you are busy, make sure you have enough food to accomplish this. Prepare healthy snacks with leftover heavy meals can be sandwiches on whole wheat, adding to avocado, tomato and vegetables of your choice. Dispose of processed products. When you feel hungry between these meals, eat almonds, walnuts, pistachios, raisins, etc.. Do whatever it takes to fulfill this plan, so you do not spend more than three hours without eating.

Tip 8 .- Stay active.

The absolute best way to lose weight, in addition to diet, physical activity. Strive to do a cardiovascular workout three to five times a week. If you do not have time to go to the gym, find an exercise video or TV, and make your own routine. The point is that you do these exercises for 15-20 minutes. This will increase your heart rate and help you burn more calories. You’ll notice that you will lose weight too fast.

Tip 9 .- Do not eat sugar.

Sugar is necessary for a healthy body, however, most people consume too much sugar. Healthy sugars should be eaten, are rich in whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Table sugar and sugar is on the sweets and chocolates (refined sugar) are the sugars that provide nutrients and to remove them from your diet. Do not drink sweeteners, which come in traditional sachets. You can use Stevia sugar is 100% natural ..

Council 10.-Drink plenty of water

The main component of our body is water. Our body needs water to function properly. If you are trying to lose weight, take a good idea to replace soft drinks and juices. Water is the best option because it has zero calories, no sugar and is readily available (even free).

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Do’s and Dont’s for Detox Juice Recipes

Detox Juice Recipes

We live in a hectic world. People do not even have time to prepare their own meals anymore because most Americans have more than a single job or have very demanding jobs. There are also people who no longer have time to exercise. Aside from the hectic life and the unhealthy food people are eating, there is also the air which is full of particles not good for the body. It is crucial that we detoxify our body every now and then so we can get rid of the toxins in our body. For this reason, you can see a lot of detox juice recipes. Not only is juicing refreshing, it can also be very good for the body.

Juice Diet Recipes

If you are thinking about detoxifying your body, you should be informed of the best detox diet foods. Fruits are one of the best options. Not only are they naturally sweet and healthy, they are also very easy to find. You will be able to see a lot of fruits juice diet recipes all over the Internet today. Fruits juices have lots of nutrients, minerals and vitamins which our body needs.

Vegetables are also great. We all know just how much children detest vegetables and most of them refuse to eat vegetables. With juicing you will be able to introduce countless vegetables to your children and have them eat it too. Juicing can allow you to blend vegetables and give them a new taste which your everyone will love. The whole family will be able to get the great benefits of detoxifying through juicing.

However, you should remember that not everyone can embark on a juice fast. There are certain people who should avoid juice fasting and they are children, pregnant women, diabetics, people with kidney disease, cancer and other terminal illnesses. You should only go on a juice fast under the supervision of a physician.

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