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Best Blender Recommendation: The Ultimate Smoothie Maker Machine

Losing weight is hard, no question about it. So, if you are trying to shed some pounds, you need all the help you can get. No wonder there is an entire industry trying to sell stuff to people on a diet. Certainly a lot of these products can be helpful, but most of the stuff you really can do without just fine.

However, there is one product that I think can be extremely helpful for anyone who is striving to eat a healthy diet and maintain an optimal weight, and that is a quality kitchen blender. And when it comes to blenders, there are really only two blenders on the market that are worth your money: VitaMix and BlendTec. Both of them are excellent appliances, and if you are trying to weight pros and cons of Blendtec vs Vitamix, there is one thing to keep in mind: you cannot really go wrong with either of them. They are both excellent machines and best smoothie makers on the market today. Although they cost considerably more than your average blender available in the stores, they are well worth the investment.

You know that when trying to eat healthy, you should eat lots and lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and greens. Eating raw foods is especially helpful when trying to lose weight fast, as you don’t need to limit yourself and count calories when eating these foods. Fresh raw fruits and veggies are quite filling (lots of fiber), while requiring lots of energy to digest – so you don’t gain weight no matter how much of them you eat.

However, most people have trouble implementing this simple change into their busy daily schedule. The problem is that some of these healthy dishes – salads, vegetable soups, stews, etc. – take lots of preparation time. Just washing, drying and chopping all the veggies for a salad, and then the time required to eat that salad – raw foods definitely take longer to chew than cooked foods – will most likely take over 30 minutes. While this isn’t a lot – it’s often more than an average person is willing to spend.

Of course, you can use a food processor or a cheaper blender, if you own one, to help you with all the chopping. However, investing in a quality blender is in my opinion a worthy investment. You can prepare smoothies, blend your salads to a consistency of a stew, or make soups. Green smoothies are gaining popularity lately as they help people increase their consumption of super-healthy leafy greens that most of us lack in our diets. With either one of these blenders, you can replace up to nine other kitchen appliances –no need for a separate grain mill, ice-cream maker, smoothie maker, milkshake maker, juicer, coffee grinder, or ice crusher. Just try it and I guarantee that you’ll love it!

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