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Looking and Feeling Healthy in College

The notorious freshmen fifteen isn’t just limited to freshmen, and it doesn’t always stop at fifteen. Healthy foods tend to be more expensive than junk food. To be honest, there are a lot of advantages to eating junk food. It’s a lot easier and faster to throw a couple hot dogs in the microwave than it is to prepare pasta, soup, and a salad. Unfortunately, although many of these meals are cheap and tasty, they aren’t very nutritious.

The point of these suggestions isn’t to give you ripped abs. Instead they are to help to feel more healthy. And it isn’t just about diet: it’s about lifestyle.

Decide to be Healthy: It’s hard to be healthy with four midterms throughout the week. Being healthy is more than simply doing healthy things. You must make a conscious decision to do healthy, eat healthy, think healthy, and be healthy. Your effort to be healthy should be comparable to your efforts to do well in school or to learn a musical instrument. You’ll have to set aside a little time to cook, a little more time to exercise, and some time to relax. The trick isn’t getting the desire to do it, but scheduling your time so that you can complete your goals.

Diet: I know I said that being healthy isn’t about a good diet, but I lied. At least I’m correcting myself pretty quickly. Many students know the path between their bed and the library much better than the path between their bed and the fridge. Instead of a good breakfast, they eat a bag of Mike and Ike. For lunch they snag a Pepsi from the vending machine. Students frequently go all out for dinner, buying a whole hamburger and fries. Keeping an eye on what goes into your body is a great way to be healthier. Eating foods like yogurt or eggs are often good for increasing your energy levels throughout the day. Keep a healthy balance of grains, fruits, vegetables, and produce in your life.

Physical Activity: Note I didn’t say exercise (although a good workout works wonders). Incorporating physical activity doesn’t always mean going to the gym or running a few laps around the track. It may mean leaving your car keys home and walking to school in the morning. Try taking the stairs instead of the elevator. This has helped me a lot in semesters past. This semester, however, I wanted to try to work in some actual exercise into my routine. I took a .5-credit jogging class. Every day I went to class and the TA set us loose to jog. It gave me a set hour where all I had to do was jog. I haven’t noticed a tremendous difference in my physical appearance, but I certainly feel healthier now throughout the day. For next semester I added beginning weight training to my classes.

Meditation: Part of being healthy involves having time to think. In many eastern religions, meditation is used extensively to help people organize their thoughts and relax their minds. Sometimes mediation is combined with exercises such as yoga or T’ai chi ch’uan. Other people like to study sacred texts like the Bible, Torah, Book of Mormon, Śruti, or Qur’an. Whether your “you” time means performing some ancient form of meditative exercise or reading the teachings of Laozi (Taoism), the time you take can often help you sort out and feel at peace with life.

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8 Effective Natural Remedies for Stress

Stress.  It’s a little word that no one likes to deal with. Unfortunately, stress is a real part of life.  Everyone, regardless of who they are, endures stress at some point in their lives.  Long periods of exposure to stress can cause you to age quicker and die younger as it is linked to many of the diseases that are common killers in society today.  Are you looking to relieve some of the stress you are feeling?  The following are 8 effective natural remedies that can help you relax a little.

  • ExerciseYou already knew this one was coming.  Exercising is a part of a healthy lifestyle. Not only does it help fight diseases, give you more energy, and make you feel better, it also helps relieve stress that builds up throughout the day. If you are feeling weighed down by stress, go for a long brisk walk to release some of it.  The more you exercise throughout the week, the better you will feel.
  • Utilize Your Support System. There are people in life who are willing to be a shoulder for you to lean on. Whether it’s your spouse, your children, parents, or a close friend, it is good to have a support system during the times when the stress accumulates. Have weekly venting sessions with a friend or some time alone with your spouse to help reduce your stress level. They can often offer advice for you on whatever it is that you are going through. More importantly, you will feel like you aren’t going through it alone.
  • Find ways to have a little fun.  Relieving stress is forgetting about it. Find a party to attend, go to a movie, or go out to eat with friends and have a little fun.  If you find ways to get the stress off your mind, you can have a little peace if only for a little while.
  • Eat a healthy diet. A healthy diet is the key to a healthy lifestyle.  There are certain foods that you can eat to help you overcome stress. Celery, cherries, and lettuce are all foods that are associated with relieving stress.  These fruits and veggies acts as sedatives that can help relax you.  Fill up your fridge with food that can make you feel good.
  • Bubble baths really do work. Soothe you stress away in a big bathtub full of warm water and bubbles.  Spend some time doing absolutely nothing!  Light some candles and play some soft music for an added touch.  Put a do not disturb sign outside your door so that your kids know that you are having some much needed time to yourself.
  • Remind yourself of your life goals and purpose.  What’s your purpose in life? Have you met your life goals yet?  You can reduce some of the stress by reminding yourself that there is more to life than just your problems.  What you are going through now will pass.  Remind yourself of this frequently and hang on until it passes.
  • Talk with you pastor or mentor in life.  If you attend church, there may be someone that you can ask advice and help you pray through the stress.  Many people find peace by praying to God that the situation will be quickly resolved.  Praying gives a peace and relaxing that works wonderfully for relieving stress.
  • Are there things in your life that you can eliminate?  If you are a parent and are stressed out, you are among the many that have day to day duties that add to it.  Look for ways to eliminate stress through daily activities.  Perhaps your child can choose to play only one sport rather than being involved in all of them.  The extracurricular activities of your children can be a major cause of stress. What can you eliminate?

Life is full of ups and downs. There will be times when you have to find ways to deal with stress. Tuning to doctors is not the only option for reducing the level of stress in your life.  Use the tips above as natural remedies to help you get rid of the stress.

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Essential Nutritional Advice That Everyone Should Follow

As more and more people become interested in longevity, there is an intense new focus on the role that nutrition plays in the overall health of one’s body.  There are some well understood nutritional facts that are helping people dramatically improve their well-being. When you are looking for something to snack on, open the refrigerator. You will most likely find choices that are more healthy than anything you can find in your pantry or freezer. Try filling your fridge with fruits and vegetables so you always have easy access to a snack.

One should look to the food pyramid when wondering how they can give themselves the best nutrition. The information obtained will greatly help one plan their meals to the best effect. Nutritional information should be studied to learn the best foods for one to have in their diet for optimal nutrition. Spinach is a great vegetable to consume and advantageous for your body as well.  You can add this vegetable to any meal that you choose, to restore the vitamin E in your body.  Spinach helps to reduce the amount of oil on your skin during the day and night, yielding a softer skin palette.

It can be hard to maintain proper nutrition during pregnancy when you’re feeling tired, so plan ahead for days when you just don’t have the energy to cook. Take advantage of those days when you are feeling good to make a second tray of lasagne or a double batch of chilli to freeze for later use.

Try buying your fruits and vegetables at a farmer’s market near you. Not only do locally-grown foods have a minimal impact on the environment, but they are also better for you, since small farms generally use less harmful chemicals. It’s fun to walk around and sample all the delicious fruits and vegetables. Converse with the farmers to ensure you know exactly where and how the food was produced.

Instead of snacking on sweet items like cookies and ice cream, try their healthier counterparts. replace cookies with items like granola, oatmeal and cereal and fruit bars. For ice cream, try going with low-fat or non-fat yogurt. These options not only taste better than the unhealthier ones, but you get nutrients like iron, calcium, fibre and much more in your diet.

In conclusion, if you want to live a long and healthy life, nutrition must play a role.  What foods go into your body do matter to the length and quality of your life.  The science of nutrition provides invaluable insight into the building blocks of your body, and how to maximize their potential.

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Calculating Your Optimum Fat Burning Heart Rate

Everyone knows that quickly burning fat requires a certain amount of cardiovascular exercise. You will read all kinds of different theories about what your target heart rate zone is for burning the most fat possible. Well, I have experimented with numerous different heart rates and I found that there is a very simple way to determine the heart rate range for you to efficiently shed unwanted body fat.

A friend of mine actually told me about this simple calculation as he had been using it for several months and had gotten great results. The only thing you need to know to determine your target fat burning heart rate is your age. Using your age, you can approximate your maximum heart rate, and once you know what your maximum heart rate is, you can easily determine the heart rate range you should be shooting for when doing your cardio workouts.

The formula for maximum heart rate looks like this:

Maximum Heart Rate = 220 – Your Age

So a 30 year old person will have a maximum heart rate of 190 beats per minute. My friend explained that he noticed the best fat burning results when maintaining his heart rate in the range of 70% to 80% of his maximum heart rate. So he would simply take his maximum heart rate (calculated using the formula above) and then multiply his maximum heart rate by 0.7 and then multiply his maximum heart rate by 0.8. The results of multiplying his maximum heart rate by these 2 values provide the heart rate zone that he uses for his cardio workouts.

So, using the 30 year old example, they would take their maximum heart rate of 190 beats per minute and multiply it by 0.7 and 0.8 separately. This calculation yields the values of 133 and 152, respectively. This means that the best fat burning heart rate for a 30 year old person is 133-152 beats per minute and this should be the heart rate that is maintained for the majority of that person’s cardiovascular workouts.

When starting your cardio workouts it may take a few minutes to elevate your heart rate into the desired heart rate range, but once you get it there, it should remain there as long as you don’t drastically decrease your level of intensity. Using your, age calculate your own personal fat burning heart rate range and give it a try for a week or two. You will be pleasantly surprised at the results you will see compared to using a heart rate zone that is much lower in intensity.

Keep in mind that no matter how often you exercise, you will never significantly reduce your body fat percentage if you are not in a daily caloric deficit. I recommend starting at a specific daily caloric allotment and then reducing your calories anytime a week goes by and you haven’t lost any weight. Never quickly take away calories from your body as this will make your body go into “panic mode” and it will hoard as much fat as possible. The right way to shed body fat is to start off at a moderate amount of daily calories and slowly decrease your number of daily calories when you are no longer losing weight.

Combining cardiovascular exercise with a calorie conscious diet will produce noticeable results in a matter of weeks if you remain committed to achieving your fat loss goals. My experience has told me that the only people that fail to get the body they desire are those that give up. Without fail, everyone that I know that has remained committed to their goals, have eventually reached them.

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How to Lose Weight With a Few Simple Changes

One of the questions being asked over and over again is that “what is the fastest way to lose weight?” Fad diets do not work because they do not teach you to eat well. Exercise every minute of your life will burn and not realistic. However, some changes in what you eat can remove the fat and keep it looking and feeling bien.Por course, everyone will tell you that exercise is the key. That’s true, but in reality you want to move your body, do something and not sit around all the time. Skip the car and the bus when you can and walk to where you need to go. Giving up the elevator and climb the stairs at least once a day, if you have the opcion.No be forced to do things they hate, to create a habit to automatically do things that are good for your body and give you natural exercise.

Say no to white foods. If, discriminating food needed, and white carbohydrates are the downfall of many dieters. It can be difficult at first, especially when it seems that everywhere there are pasta, rice, cakes and bread are momento.Pero remember calling out, are not your friends. Of course I know very well, but not make you look great. You can break this rule, but by eating some carbs after a good workout.

Most people forget to consider what they drink as part of their diet. The calories can be consumed as drinking the same ease than come.Asegurate you have a lot of water but also reduce the sugar and cream, coffee and tea. A diet soda is another option to have instead of a normal one.

When it comes to food, most professional trainers recommend eating the same food many times. That may be boring, but not if you mix and match your alimentos.Comer much good protein, like egg whites, beef, pork and chicken breast. Mama always told you to eat vegetables and he was right. Spinach, peas and vegetables can fill out and are not high in calories.

Eat whatever you like when you eat these foods are good. Skip the pasta or rice and vegetable consumption in place will cut 200 calories or more per serving, and still feel satisfecho.Y sure to eat during the day. Do not skip a meal, and adds a meal only if necessary. Four to eight small meals a day will help you lose fat.

The fall of many seeking fat loss is to restrict “bad” foods. So when they collide, crash hard, eat too much and give up the diet because they feel they have no self-control.Si is restricted in all foods, you ready for a fall. Take one day a week and make your daily bread crazy. Eat what you want when you want. If fast food is your weakness, and then enjoy it. Sweets and chocolate is calling you, then eat. A day to eat what you really want to help keep your metabolism and prevent no.Usted not have to starve yourself or exercise the same half to death to lose the weight you want. These easy as losing weight fast tips will make things much easier for you, and you will find that the weight will fall faster than expected. The use of the Internet and recipes to help you make the taste of good food, as well as being good for usted.Si you like what you eat, you’ll eat more of the same in turn lose more weight the end.

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What Is The Best Diet On The Market?

The quick and easy answer is that there isn’t one!  Many diets can work and are effective but it is important to find the one that works with your body and lifestyle.  It’s a generally a good policy to take a look at which diets are popular because those ones tend to have a high rate of success.  But no matter what a diet claims, it may not work for everyone.  You may have heard of some recently popular diets like the Acai diet or the 17 Day Diet, but do you know what they are about or how they work?  It’s important to know what a diet entails before deciding to try it out.

One diet in particular that has recently gotten a lot of media attention is the HCG diet.  This diet was actually created about 50 years ago by Dr. Simeons but has only recently become popular.  The main reason is because it has only recently been developed into homeopathic HCG drops which can be taken orally.  Before the drops the HCG had to be taken through injections and were usually quite expensive.  With the ability to take them without having to go to a clinic or pay a lot the drops have become quite popular.

The HCG diet is actually very simple.  It requires you to go down to a 500 calorie per day diet which restricts many different foods.  It’s basically 2 servings of protein, fruits, and vegetables per day.  This doesn’t sound like much food per day but many people on this diet say that they are very satisfied and sometimes even too full with only 500 calories.  The reason is because the HCG hormone tells the body to burn abnormal fat levels to use for energy.  In fact, while on the diet your body will typically burn between 2,000 to 3,000 calories a day of fat.  If you were to undertake this type of dieting without the HCG drops your body would burn muscle and normal fat levels before the abnormal fat levels which would cause you to feel hungry and tired.

Another great thing about this diet is that it requires no exercise.  The dieting phase of this program can be as long as 42 days or as little as a week depending on how many pounds you have to lose.  Most people lose about a half a pound up to three pounds a day while on this diet.  And finally, it is fairly cheap (about $80) to get on this diet.  As mentioned earlier not every diet works for everyone so most HCG companies online offer full money back guarantees with no questions asked if within the first 30 days of purchase.  This allows one to try the diet to see if it will work for them.  There isn’t a lot of risk with that type of guarantee.

So the best diet on the market really is a hard question to answer in general terms.  It is best to think about your needs and then go over current diets on the market and see if they fit with your needs.  And if one diet doesn’t work for you don’t get discouraged, simply try out another one until you find one that works!