5 Busted Weight Loss Myths

Losing weight is no simple feat.  Besides figuring out what you should eat, what you shouldn’t be eating and what workouts will best work for you, it’s hard to discern what diet tips are true and what diet types are completely false.  Online sources, books and media may be telling you one thing, when in reality it’s the exact opposite.  Before you go about your weight loss plan, here are 5 common weight loss tips that are actually just weight loss myths:

Busted Myth #1: A Grumbling Stomach is a Sign of Hunger
Since we were kids, we were taught that when our stomachs grumble, it is our body telling us that we are hungry and should eat.  This myth about hunger has been perpetuated for far too long.  Contrary to what we’ve been hearing from our parents and media, feelings of hunger could result from both dehydration and lack of sleep.  To prevent confusion, it is best to stay hydrated and get enough zzz’s.

Busted Myth #2: You Will Gain Weight if You Eat After 9pm
How many different people have told you to not eat after 9 pm?  Too many.  Their reasoning behind the advice is that our metabolism slows down after 9pm, which is partially true.  However, calories are calories, and any effective weight loss plan depends on your overall calories consumed.  Eating 2,000 calories before 9 pm is worse than eating 1,200 calories before 9 pm and indulging in a 200 calorie cup of ice cream.  The most effective way to use your calories is to spread out your calories throughout the day.  This way your body will burn the calories incrementally and you’ll feel full of energy.

Busted Myth #3: It’s Easier to Lose Weight than to Keep It Off
Most people have the most problem with keeping the weight off as opposed to losing the weight.  Any positive dietary and physical change in a person’s daily routine will have a significant effect on their body.  For example, if you are sedentary and only eat fast food, simply switching to home cooked meals and working out 3 times a week will grant you results.  However, keeping that lifestyle, working at maintaining the lifestyle and maintaining your weight is the hard part. The most important part of a weight loss plan is the long-term goals and the long-term changes to make in your life.

Busted Myth #4: The More You Exercise, The More Tired You Are
Exercise is the best thing you can do for your body.  Different forms of exercise have different kinds of benefits.  Generally, exercising should give you more energy.  Constant exercise will give you more energy, help you feel less tired and improve your sleep cycle.  Exercising too much can lead to straining body parts, which can lead to tiredness and being drained of energy.

Busted Myth #5: Juice Cleanses are Good for Your Body
Weight loss doesn’t not include cleansing, it is as simple as: the fewer calories you consume daily, the more weight you will lose with moderate exercise.  There is no secret or magically solution associated with juice cleanses.  Yes, some people lose weight on a body cleanse, only because they are consuming a small fraction of calories they usually consume.  People on cleanses are not losing weight because they are detoxifying their body, but because they are starving themselves.  They are considered fad diets because while you may lose some pounds in a week, you often are not able to maintain that weight loss.

Emily Li is a writer for Look Young Atlanta, one of the leading Atlanta weight loss clinics.  In her free time Emily enjoys her routine cardio workout followed by some (minor) weight lifting.

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