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How Does Vitamin B12 Help You to Lose Weight?

Before getting into its role in helping one to lose weight, for starters, let us first understand what Vitamin B12 is. A water-soluble complex Vitamin (Actually one of the 8 types of Vitamin B), this is often found in Poultry, different dairy products, Meat, Fish, Eggs etc. Vitamin B12 is often termed as Cobalamin (Due to the fact that one of the primary elements of this Vitamin is Cobalt) and it helps human body to function properly. Some of the basic functionalists of Vitamin B12 include:

  • Production of DNA during the division of cells.
  • Forming RBCs (Red Blood Corpuscles).
  • Supplying energy in human body.
  • Maintaining the Central Nervous System.
Vitamin B12 Gummies.
Vitamin B12 Gummies. (Photo credit: icethim)

How does Vitamin B12 help with weight loss?

If you have a read a few weight loss journals, you must be aware by now that your body metabolism rate has to do a lot with your body weight. The more the metabolic rate is, the more are the calories being burnt by you for doing any activity. That’s where Vitamin B12 comes into picture:

  • Vitamin B12 helps to regenerate Folic Acid. Otherwise, Folic Acid would get trapped in human body and thus reduce metabolism.
  • Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid together increase “Carbon Shuttle” in human body and thus end up helping in DNA synthesis and metabolism of protein elements.
  • For the normal metabolic activity in a human body, “SAM-e” is an essential Amino Acid, which in turn is synthesized by Vitamin B12.
  • Vitamin B12 turns into 5′-deoxyadenosylcobalamin after certain chemical reactions inside human body. This 5′-deoxyadenosylcobalamin helps L-methylmalonyl-CoA enzyme to convert into succinyl-CoA. For metabolism of fat, succinyl-CoA is an important element. Additionally, it also helps during the process of hemoglobin formation.

How to consume Vitamin B12?

Studies have indicated that if consumed directly from the food ingredients, Vitamin B12 is not digested properly in human body. Not that the Vitamin B12 pills work either. Though sub-lingual Vitamin B12 pills work better, the best bet to consume Vitamin B12 is definitely the injections. Many of the weight loss programs held throughout the world use these injections and results were pretty much readily achievable.


How much to consume?

Generally, 1 injection each week is good enough, but, for some patients, 2 injections work better.

It is advised to consult the physician before taking these injections though. For certain people, consumption of Vitamin B12 causes allergic reactions and hence a proper medical checkup or examination of previous medical records is advised (As Vitamin B12 contains Cobalt, people allergenic to that experience rashes after getting Vitamin B12 injections. In general, not only Vitamin B12 but none of the Vitamins cause direct allergy).

Vitamin B12 has found an important position in several weight loss programs and most of the times, reports have been positive. The best part is that side-effects are minimal and hence, there is no harm in trying this out. Even if you don’t get positive results, it is highly unlikely that you will suffer any losses either.

Author Resource:

Christofer has conducted several researches with his colleagues to identify the role of Vitamin B12 Shots in weight loss. The researches have been positive so far, however, full analysis is yet to be completed. Christofer loves to share his research results with others through his write-ups and he will love to answer, if anyone has any questions.



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