Dieter’s Slimming Aid – Do it yourself Colon Cleanse is Better Option than Herbal Laxative Tea

The word herbal associates automatically with natural and healthy. Herbs are considered to be wonderful for most of its part. The wrong usage of anything, even herbs can be harmful. Herbal laxative tea and colon cleansing both remedies include herbs.

Should we do colon cleansing or drink herbal laxative tea as slimming aid? In order to achieve weight loss goals, young women make use of drinking herbal laxative tea which is a wrong trend. Laxative tea is found to have no significant calorie loss and it is unlikely to help lose weight by drinking laxative tea. After the food has been absorbed through the intestine then a laxative acts on the colon which makes it extremely harmful. That means calories have already reached within your body. Comparatively, Colon cleansing is relatively a remarkable strategy of shedding weight. It also brings an excellent incentive to the physique. That is the reason quite a lot of individuals are making an attempt for it.

Drinking laxative tea can lead to two harmful problems:

  1. Body can develop a dependence on laxatives affecting the bowel movement and overtime, you need more tea to produce the same effect.
  2. It may lead to suffer from mal absorption of nutrients. Drainage of important nutrients from the body will lead to lack of energy, weakness and poor health.

The process of colon cleansing can be a fearful task, especially for a person doing it for the first time. But once you get used to it, you can repeat a number of times according to your body conditions. It is best to do it yourself colon cleanse in your home. It requires a little bit of fiber to start with and helps in elimination of waste from colon, and it is essential to remember that natural agent wouldn’t involve any side effects.

Talking About The HCG Diet In HCG1234 Reviews

The hCG diet is once again gaining popularity and the hCG1234 reviews are there to prove it.  It was a trend way back in the 1950’s but has made an impressive comeback nowadays.  But the hCG diet is not as it used to be.  With the modernizations of nowadays, the original hormonal diet has also been subjected to a few modifications as well.  In the past, the hCG injections were rampantly used for the diet but now, they have been replaced with sublingual or oral homeopathic drops.  This is good news for those who want to try the diet, but are afraid of injections.

Countless hCG1234 reviews are discussing about the difference of the original hCG diet and the modified hCG 1234 diet program now.  One of the main points of discussion is the change from the use of hCG injections to the use of the oral form or the hCG drops.  According to studies, it has been found out that the effects of the injections are basically the same with that of the effects induced by the drops.  Though the amount of the hormone in the drops is in small doses, the effect on weight loss is still pretty much the same.  Because of this, experts have opted to use the drops instead of the injections.

Another point discussed in hCG1234 reviews aside from the use of hCG injections is that the principles or the protocols of the old hCG diet and the modified version are still the same.  There is still the use of the hormone in order to boost the capacity of the body to burn away the unwanted or abnormal fats.  These fats usually appear in the problem areas such as the abdomen and the arms.  They are called as such because they seem to be very stubborn and difficult to tone.  But with the hCG diet, the fats lurking inside could be easily burned away.

According to the hCG1234 reviews, it doesn’t matter if the dieter uses hCG injections or the hCG homeopathic oral drops because the effects are basically the same.  There may have been a few modifications especially with the number of calories to be ingested, but the principles are the same.  The modified hormonal diet still makes use of the same protocols and still delivers the same good results.  The rapid weight loss could still be achieved.  If there are any doubts, it would be good to read through the reviews.  The reviews could help to dispel some fears over the hormonal diet.

Endobarriers – for weight loss and diabetic control?

Cellulite Solution

Gastric bands have been widely reported on in the press. Some of the results seem amazing. However any form or surgery carries risks and if there was a non invasive way to provide the same result as well as offering the potential to control or indeed to cure Type 2 Diabetes then surely this would be a good idea? Well a  new treatment, using an Endobarrier, is being trialled and some professionals are getting very excited about the prospects. Let’s see what it involves.

Obesity and class 2 diabetes are closely linked. No one knows for sure which causes which or indeed what the full links between the two are. What we do know for sure is that both are a serious and growing threat to our health.Professionals will measure how overweight you are by calculating your body mass index or BMI. If your BMI is over 30 then you are clinically obese.It has been suggested that there are as many as 525 million obese adults worldwide. The figures for diabetes are also quite overwhelming with over 250 million people living with the disease.

The endobarrier offers a non surgical solution to both these health problems. It is basically a plastic tube which is anchored to the duodenal intestine, immediately below your stomach, and it will regulate what food substances re absorbed into your body.It will stop fats, sugars and salts whilst allowing essential vitamins and nutrients to be absorbed. By preventing food from coming into contact with the bowel it can also stop certain hormones  and nerve signals from being released by the intestine.This then reduces the resistance to insulin which lowers the threat of diabetes.

The endobarrier is inserted through the mouth whislt the patient is under general anaesthetic. It should take about 20 minutes and there is no invasive surgery. It will sit inside the patient for 12 months  at the end of which it is quickly removed under a mild local anaesthetic.
It is important to realise that during and after the 12 months there is a suggested diet which as well as eating more healthily also encourages smaller portions and lots of fruit and vegetables. Exercise is also encouraged.

Who is suited for the procedure?

Anyone who Has type 2 diabetesIs and is between 18 and 60.Obese patients ( BMI over 30 and below 50)are also suited to the procedure.Your blood glucose levels are important and anyone showing over 7.5% but under 10.5% for their HbA1c should qualify. Another indicator of suitability would be a patient taking either oral glycemics or less than 150 units per day.

What might stop the endobarrier being fitted?

Anyone who
Has stomach ulcers (peptic ulcers)Has bleeding disorders (eg people with haemophilia or on anti-arthritis drugs)Has had major digestive surgery in the past

Are there any side effects?
Minor but you do get slight bloating and occassionally abdominal pains.

Let us all hope that this new procedure really does offer a good way forward for the treatment and control of these two major health problems.



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Article written by Mike Holly. Mike lives and works in the North of England and has been researching cottages throughout Northumberland.

All About Weight Loss 4 Idiots

Many analogies are used to describe the fight to lose weight, and the weight loss 4 idiots title continues the fight. People struggle with weight around the world and search for programs that will help to remove the excess weight.

Most people try to diet, but do so incorrectly and do not balance exercise with nutrition for healthy living. You should not starve your body or eat meal plans that reduce your daily nutrition needs. The body will respond to certain foods and you should begin to eat these foods and learn how the body will react. If you increase the meals that you eat, your bodily metabolism will increase. A weight loss for idiots diet is not complicated when done correctly.

Simple weight loss 4 idiots begins with counting all of the calories that you consume each day. You should do this every day. The effort that is put into this daily task is well worth the results. When you regulate or shift the caloric intake each day, the body will respond with a higher metabolism. The high metabolism is used to burn more calories and will decrease the buildup of body fat.

One of the most important fat loss for idiots diet elements is knowing that your body requires certain elements each day. The avoidance of these elements each day can put excess wear and tear on your body. If you try to eliminate these elements too quickly in your diet, your body will not respond correctly to the diet or weight loss routine. There are diets that absolutely forbid the consumption of such foods like apples and this causes a body disruption that works in a negative way for fat loss.

Weight loss 4 idiots does not have to be difficult. If you learn to incorporate simple daily tasks each day, you can increase your reduction of excess weight and begin healthy living. Food is not the enemy. Bad habits are the enemy and need to be controlled if you want to master weight loss.

Chinese Tea: Enjoy its Weight Loss and Health Benefits

Losing weight is very vital to our health. In many years until today, Chinese tea was sought by women and men alike. It was proven that Chinese tea has lots of health benefits along with its ability to remove the excess pounds in your body. Isn’t it great? So if you try to lose weight fast in a healthy way, drinking Chinese tea will be a good option.

Chinese tea is actually of different kinds. It so happen because Camellia sinensis comes with variations. The Green Tea, White Tea, Oolong Tea, Black Tea and the Pu-Erh Tea are the most widespread Camillia sinensis’ variation. All these kinds of teas can help you with your losing weight goals by burning your fats. Among all the teas mentioned, black tea contains high caffeine and also more calories. Pur-Erh on the other hand is renowned for its LDL or bad cholesterol reduction power.

Now, which tea do you think is the best tea of all? The answer depends on the individual who is drinking the tea. Oolong tea is believed to give you a superior result in your metabolism process but same with black tea, it contains high caffeine. If you are the type of person who don’t like the effect and taste of caffeine, the Green tea will be your best option. Also, aside from the less caffeine content of green tea, it is lesser in calories too. In addition, it also tastes good because of the way it is processed.

For additional information, teas are not just for burning fats but also help in the removal of toxins from your body. Moreover, it strengthens the immune system of your body. So upon drinking Chinese tea for you to lose weight, you also give your entire body system with good benefits.

ECA Stack, It’s Back and It’s Even Better!

Drug combination’s work better than single issues. The synergism of the different functions rolled into one, is very effective when applied accordingly. This is how ECA stack work and the main reason why it’s very efficient in doing what it was created for.

ECA is an acronym of three different drugs mixed together. Except for the first one, the two others are very common and are considered household items that we always have in our shelves or medicine cabinet.

E is for the ephedrine we take as pills and put into our tongue. C is for caffeine that we take each morning during breakfast time. And A is for aspirin, the most common headache reliever before the coming of more effective and less dangerous products. Why were they brought together and why is there more speculation than scientific research?

Ephedrine is a powerful antidepressant drug. The alkaloid version was banned because of life threatening side effects. There are two sources of Ephedra and what’s being used in ECA is not part of the banned substance. It’s the version used by Chinese acupuncturists and tea preparations for slimming and was approved by FDA.

The action of Ephedrine is more on manipulating the brain and the effect is felt in all the parts of the body which the drug is suppose to deal with. From the brain, the information is relayed to the body through the nerve connections and an increase in metabolic rate occurs. Metabolic rate increases if the body is engaged in physical activities like workouts or any sweat producing movements. The drug has the ability to do these even without physical exertion and therefore can burn the fats even if the person using the drug is just watching TV or lying down.

Together with caffeine, the effect is even amplified. This the reason why ECA stack is in demand by individuals who have lost hope in other fad diet pills because they are not as effective as the combination of ephedrine and caffeine.

The most telling effect of ECA however is not increasing the energy level of the body but decreasing the user’s appetite for food. The user is in perpetual fasting without the accompanying hunger pang and physical weakness. The consumer goes on his normal activity and won’t even manifest even the slightest fragility or languor. This is an ideal way of how to lose weight fast without exerting too much effort.

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