The Top Exercises Out There For Getting Fit

Many Americans find it difficult to fit in exercise routines within their daily regime. However, what many fail to recognize is that there are a vast majority of exercise programs that give the power boost needed while burning fat, building and toning muscles. Exercising also reduces your risk of fatal heart disease. But there are many things that can be incorporated in your daily routine to exercise. Small changes such as parking further away when shopping will help.

However, most fitness routines can be performed in as less as 20 minutes, but true results won’t happen unless there is at least 40-60 minutes of cardio included 3-5 days a week. Some of the most powerful exercises to getting fit include zumba, swimming, bicycling, stair climbing, elliptical and circuit training.


Zumba is an exercise routine that incorporates cardio training and aerobic moves, inspired by Latin-dance rhythms. This is a dance exercise practice offering a total body workout. Zumba classes are very popular and widely known in many women’s gyms. The dance program requires high intensity moves, burning close to 1000 calories per hour.


Swimming is a great cardio exercise that truly incorporates every muscle in your body. Freestyle swimming for one hour can burn up to 800 calories of stored fat. Swimming on a regular basis builds cardio endurance, muscle strength and your overall level of fitness.


If limited to indoor use, bicycling is a great workout burning close to 500 calories. If increasing the speed, bicyclers can burn nearly 1000 calories. This is often a preferred method of cardio given that many can sit down and enjoy their favorite television show while shedding the pounds.

Stair Climbing

If wanting to give your legs a workout, specifically targeting your quadriceps and the buttocks, try stair climbing. This routine allows you to burn up to 400 calories in 60 minutes. The exercise offers both aerobic and anaerobic benefits.


Similar to bicycling, elliptical burning is performed indoors and is great while working out to your favorite TV show. Elliptical training helps in building strong muscles with varied routines concentrating on your legs and arms. This exercise can burn nearly 600 calories in one hour.

Circuit Training

Circuit training allows you to perform one exercise for a short time period, immediately following another exercise focusing on a different body part. It’s ideal for cardio and strength training, as well as muscular endurance. Expect to burn about 600 calories within 60 minutes.


Lorna Horne is a freelance blogger who provides helpful health tips and guides for the web to a Chicago gym for women.

How to Shed Unwanted Body Fats

How to Shed Unwanted Body Fats

An extravagant and inactive lifestyle is one of the main reasons of making people obese. Add to this eating junk food (including fried food) that piles up the fat in your body. Consequently, this accumulate fat restricts physical movements for most people. This shouldn’t stop you though if you really want to lose fat.

Following a strict diet plan (of 10-11 days) can make a person lose fat and become fit and healthy. It is necessary for the dieter though to keep track of his or her body weight and continue following the plan and do some exercise even if weight-loss results have already been achieved.

For further motivation, it is necessary to think of fats as harmful to the body. Remember that excess fats in the body can lead to joint pains, rheumatism, and even more serious ones such as diabetes, angina, high-blood pressure, spinal problems, and heart attacks. Overweight or not, it is imperative for people have to watch their fat intake.

Tips to lose body fat:

  1. Always consume brown bread instead of white bread during breakfast. Also, remember to include fresh fruits like berries and apples, and milk in your breakfast as they contain pectin (limits fat absorption in cell walls) and calcium, respectively.
  1. Consume vitamin C and protein-rich food like cereals and eggs during supper. They help flush and burn fats more easily.
  1. Salads, a piece of dessert, egg, lean turkey, whole grains, soybeans, oatmeal, and garlic should be part of your lunch and dinner meals. Season your food with hot pepper as well because it breaks down fatty acids.
  1. And the most important diet rule of all: drink plenty of water. Water speeds up your metabolism and helps you flush out fats and harmful toxins from your body.

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South Beach Acai, Boost Your Energy Levels

South Beach Acai, Boost Your Energy Levels

South Beach Acai is your one stop natural solution to detoxify your body by boosting your metabolism and energy levels. The popularity of South Beach Acai is reaching tremendous heights thanks to so many high profile Hollywood celebrities that have benefited from this amazing product. These privileged stars found South Beach Acai to be the perfect super food anti-oxidant which kept them healthy, vigorous and in perfect shape. Along with that, South beach Acai also has the following benefits:

  • South Beach Acai makes you effervescent, vibrant and sexy by giving you a tighter skin.
  • With its great nutritional contents, losing weight in a short span of time is no longer a dream.
  • Its anti-oxidants promote wellness by keeping away the radicals and fighting out numerous diseases.

With abundant benefits to go with it, South beach Acai is your perfect super food to shed those extra pounds with body detoxification, living a healthy and happy life

Acai Scams Discredit the Acai Berry


Acai Scams Discredit the Acai Berry

Acai Berries are the subject of so much talk these days. From miracle superfood to subject of the latest internet scams, the berry is quite popular. Below, we take a look at one of the biggest proprietors of the Acai Berry, Sambazon’s, thoughts on the recent developments in Acai scams.

Acai harvester

Acai harvester (Photo credit: CIFOR)

Sambazon is the biggest distributor of the Acai Berry worldwide and believes that all the recent scams on Acai Berry products promising weight loss, colon cleansing health, and improved sexual function are discrediting the actual proven effects of the berry.

The company persists that there is an “increasing amount of misleading information in circulation comparing packaged products to whole fruit or juice in an inaccurate attempt to discredit the true properties of acai. Years of tests conducted by accredited organizations in Brazil and the U.S. prove that when comparing pure fruit to pure fruit, or pure juice to pure juice, the antioxidant capacity of acai reigns superior to pomegranate, blueberry, blackberry, and most fruits available”.

Sambazon has spent the last eight years studying the berry and takes great care to put forth only the most healthy and pure Acai product as possible. The real deal Acai-though low in sugar and calories and rich in Omega fats and antioxidants-does not conclusively point to weight loss or any of the other promises out there, but it does point to overall better health.

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The Detox Debate: Pros and Cons of Colon Cleansing


The Detox Debate: Pros and Cons of Colon Cleansing

With all the toxins that we are exposed to on a daily basis-in our foods, the air, our water, etc-it would seem fitting that a wave of detox programs spring up to the rescue, but nothing is ever as easy as problem and solution. Lately, there has been a lot speculation on whether colon cleansing is beneficial or detrimental to our health. Below, we take a look at each opinion:

just wrong

just wrong (Photo credit: philomythus)

Pro- Colon Cleansing- Those in the camp of pro colon cleansing say that they regularly colon cleanse to detoxify themselves of all the toxic build up that naturally occurs in all of our bodies. They say that since our colon system is a intricate maze of tubes, it is easy for fecal matter to get caught in there. Once there, it can remain and greatly affect our overall health.

Con- Colon Cleansing- Those opposed-mostly in the physician world-say that our bodies were designed to be able to cleanse themselves our as is, and that cleansing them with some other manner can strip the protective lining of the colon and make the colon more vulnerable to trapped toxins.

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The Acai Berry Diet


The Acai Berry Diet

There’s a new diet every week it seems that promises rapid weight loss with little effort: low-carb, low-fat, sugar-free, meat-free, and the list goes on and on. So, what is the latest? The Acai Berry Diet promoted by everyone from Oprah to CBS. We take a closer look to see if the studies on Acai Berries warrant any conclusive connection to effective weight loss.

Brazilian Superfood

The Acai Berry-which has an origin of Brazil-is a berry grown in the rainforest and its pulp is said to offer the health benefits mentioned-with them, weight loss another. Why would this be that the Acai could promote weight loss than any other? Some say that its location makes all the difference.


The location where the Acai Berry is grown allows it ample exposure to ultraviolet light, which results in what is called a high oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC)-which means it is superiorly high in antioxidants. Actually, studies have shown that the Acai Berry is ten times higher than other foods typically deemed rich in antioxidants. Moreover, Acai Berries are rich in minerals and nutrients such as: fiber, Vitamin E, Calcium, Magnesium, Copper, and Polyunsaturated fats, which are all contributory to a healthy diet.

Acai Health Benefits

These ingredients have given way to health benefits in human trials-such as stronger immune systems, healthier skin, and higher energy levels; as well as contributing to a feeling of satiety-which can help with weight loss.