Be Familiar With Acai Berry Side Effects

You may know that acai berry fruits grow in the rain forests of South America. These fruits are highly nutritious, if taken as an acai berry diet. But, a few people have experienced acai berry side effects with some of the products. When you say that these fruits are nutritious, you may wonder how they can be used if there are side effects. Let us delve deep into the issue.

The first and foremost point you should understand is that acai in its purest form bestows immense health benefits and does not give any side effects at all. You can verify it by taking it in pure form and see for yourself. Many researches have been conducted on this and this point has been proved beyond doubt. So, you can use this product in the purest form for acai berry weight loss, acai berry detox or for acai berry cleanse.

But, some people did experience acai berry side effects with a few products and when the researchers were approached about this issue, they made a study of these products and came out with the following observations:

These experts found that caffeine, some Chinese herbs and stimulant laxatives were there in these acai products and these additional ingredients caused a few side effects. Caffeine was responsible for the loss of appetite experienced by a few people and it was also responsible for a sudden spurt as well as for a sudden lowering of energy levels. Because of the caffeine content, these people were feeling jitters also. They almost became addicts to these acai berry products because of the presence of caffeine.

In the case of the Chinese herbs, some people had upset stomachs including stomach pain and diarrhea because these herbs had laxative qualities.

A few other ingredients, when added to acai berry products, caused allergic reactions on some of the sensitive people. These people were advised to buy acai berry products and use them only after consulting their doctor.

Certain other ingredients caused illness and annoyance in a few users. A few other users were feeling dullness and lack of enthusiasm.

So, these experts advised users to know the ingredients that were added to the acai berry products before they started using them.

But the good news is that no one will experience acai berry side effects if the products contain pure acai berry. But, pure acai berry products have a short life span and you should use them before they get spoiled. You should also remember to freeze-dry pure acai. Many people use these acai products to avoid plastic surgeries such as the mini tummy tuck. Generally the tummy tuck cost ranges everywhere from 1000 to up to 10000 so obviously most people will want to go with non surgical methods before splurging for an expensive surgery.

Another advice given by these experts is that if the acai berry products are used in moderate quantities, you may not experience acai berry side effects and your body will also slowly get used to it.

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Vegas High School Baseball Player Next Great Recruit

Vegas High School Baseball Player Next Great Recruit

If you could believe that the next great baseball player is a 16 year high school catcher from Vegas, the Boston Globe presents the youngster who hits record length and only takes supplements Acai Berry and Whey Protein. Bryce Harper is expected to be the #1 pick in the 2011 Major League Baseball draft. The 6’3″ 205 lbs baseball star hit 570 feet last season while batting with an average of .590.

Bryce Harper

Bryce Harper (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Acai Berry Cleanse has one of the highest Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) ratings among natural antioxidants. Foods with higher ORAC ratings are better at eliminating free radicals in the body thus increasing your health and eliminating the damage that free radicals can cause. Acai Berry has been shown to have a ORAC rating of 18,400 while other antioxidants such as Pomegranate (10,500), Blueberry (3,200) and Strawberry (2,600) have much less antioxidant capacity.