Stop Weight Gain from Anti-Depressants

As many as 25 percent of people taking antidepressants report weight gain. The weight gain can lead to even greater depression. Some see an increase of only a few pounds, while others pack on 100 pounds or more. While most brands of antidepressants list weight gain as a side effect, not all depressants will make you put on weight because everyone’s bodies react differently to medicines.

Of the most popular antidepressants, Effexor and Serzone are the least likely to cause weight gain. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) can cause weight gain, particularly Paxil. In this same family, including Lexapro, Prozac and Celexa, the drug Zoloft is the least likely medicine to cause weight gain.

Why Do Antidepressants Cause Weight Gain?

The reason behind the weight gain may be attributed to a variety of factors. No one can pinpoint the exact cause. When an individual is depressed, he or she may be less physically active and eat more as a way to feel better. Chronic stress could also be a reason why individuals gain weight, since stress can lead to depression and obesity.

Add to these difficulties that some antidepressants cause food cravings, especially for carbohydrates, which can lead to a significant increase in weight. There may also be an interaction with other drugs that adversely affects a once-fast metabolism.

It’s important to take action quickly before the weight gain becomes overwhelming. If you notice a gain of a few pounds that last more than a week, assume it might be a side effect of the drug and talk about it with your doctor.

How to Lose the Weight

A regimen of diet and exercise alone is an excellent prescription for depression. It’s a wonder doctors don’t prescribe exercise before trying antidepressants. At the very least, they should prescribe it along with antidepressants, especially with those known to contribute to weight gain.

It’s likely that behavioral and group therapist school training will change and begin recommending that therapists tell patients to add diet and exercise to their depression treatment regimens. Many patients could get the same benefit for depression without having to secure a prescription from a doctor for medication. Except in extreme circumstances, it makes little sense to prescribe medication unless diet and exercise have already been tried.

While stopping or switching medicines might be one answer, if the medication is helping the depression, it’s best to try diet and exercise first. The key is to count calories both consumed and spent, then be sure to run a calorie deficit of between 500 at 1,000 calories per day. One pound of fat it equivalent to about 3,500 calories, so a program like this will create slow, steady and healthy weight loss. If you continue to struggle with your weight, don’t give up hope. Talk with your doctor about other strategies that might help you maintain a healthy weight despite antidepressant side effects. provides tips, advice and school information for students seeking training as behavioral and group therapists.

ECA Stack, It’s Back and It’s Even Better!

Drug combination’s work better than single issues. The synergism of the different functions rolled into one, is very effective when applied accordingly. This is how ECA stack work and the main reason why it’s very efficient in doing what it was created for.

ECA is an acronym of three different drugs mixed together. Except for the first one, the two others are very common and are considered household items that we always have in our shelves or medicine cabinet.

E is for the ephedrine we take as pills and put into our tongue. C is for caffeine that we take each morning during breakfast time. And A is for aspirin, the most common headache reliever before the coming of more effective and less dangerous products. Why were they brought together and why is there more speculation than scientific research?

Ephedrine is a powerful antidepressant drug. The alkaloid version was banned because of life threatening side effects. There are two sources of Ephedra and what’s being used in ECA is not part of the banned substance. It’s the version used by Chinese acupuncturists and tea preparations for slimming and was approved by FDA.

The action of Ephedrine is more on manipulating the brain and the effect is felt in all the parts of the body which the drug is suppose to deal with. From the brain, the information is relayed to the body through the nerve connections and an increase in metabolic rate occurs. Metabolic rate increases if the body is engaged in physical activities like workouts or any sweat producing movements. The drug has the ability to do these even without physical exertion and therefore can burn the fats even if the person using the drug is just watching TV or lying down.

Together with caffeine, the effect is even amplified. This the reason why ECA stack is in demand by individuals who have lost hope in other fad diet pills because they are not as effective as the combination of ephedrine and caffeine.

The most telling effect of ECA however is not increasing the energy level of the body but decreasing the user’s appetite for food. The user is in perpetual fasting without the accompanying hunger pang and physical weakness. The consumer goes on his normal activity and won’t even manifest even the slightest fragility or languor. This is an ideal way of how to lose weight fast without exerting too much effort.

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