Why Running On A Treadmill Can Be Beneficial To Your Health

If you are out of shape and overweight, do not always think that you have to starve yourself to drop those extra pounds. The equation to remember is you need to burn at least as many calories per day as you consume. So you can reduce the number of calories you eat, or you can make sure you burn off all those calories you ate during the day. It is highly recommended to reach a good balance between exercise and healthy diet.

A great way to exercise is running on a treadmill. If you are a little sensitive about your weight, you might not want to go running outside, thinking that people will tease or make fun of you. Actually this doesn’t happen very often, and all you need to do is ignore it. Nevertheless, a running machine at home is an ideal solution. A separate benefit to running in the great outdoors is that you can run all year round, and you do not need to get psyched up for it. Just get on for five minutes at a fast walking pace to warm up; get off and gently stretch your warmed muscles; another five minutes at a brisk walking pace to get your pulse up to “exercise mode” and then speed up and do a 20 minute jog. Follow this by a brisk walk for five minutes and then stretch out again at the end.

A simple routine like this five days a week, with a couple of rest days will enhance your fitness and over time, if combined with some sensible reductions in calorie intake, will make you feel much better and healthier.

A second distinct advantage of running on a treadmill rather than down at the local park, is that most running machines have dampers under the deck, which are great for helping to absorb shock when you run. This will help to protect your joints against the pounding they would otherwise take running on a hard paved area. And this is even more important if you are overweight and have led a pretty sedentary lifestyle for the last few months or years, as it has been shown that bone density increases in the leg bones of people who run. Each stride produces an effective weight of 3-5 times your own body weight, and this is beneficial. If you are both overweight and your bones are less strong, then running without some extra shock absorption can lead to problems. So a treadmill is a great way of avoiding injuries at the beginning of a weight loss program.