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How Supplements Can Assist in Weight Loss

Stop Worrying About Your Weight: 5 Supplements That Assist in Weight Loss

With the society’s standard of beauty today, women are constantly in search of supplements to help in healthy weight loss.  Why is this important?  One reason is that healthy weight boosts self-confidence.  When you are healthy, you are most likely able to do anything you need to do because you look and feel good.

Another important reason is that it is healthy to have a healthy weight.  Your organs and body can function well.  You do not get easily sick and you have more energy to carry out your tasks all throughout the day.  To help you with this dilemma, this article presents you with 6 supplements that can aid you in healthy weight loss.  In addition, their processes are explained.

Jump over your weight loss obstacles with the help of the supplements below:

  • Fish Oil – aids in converting your body’s fat into fuel that the body can use.  It even prevents you from having food cravings.  About 1000 to 2000 mg is the recommended daily intake.  If you want to try this, you might want to consume low dosage at first as higher dosages might cause minor sleep disorders.
  • Green Tea Extract – has antioxidants called catechins that are said to improve metabolism and promote fat burning process.  To boot, green tea is actually said to suppress hunger pangs and cravings.  Not only that.  It sustains you with the energy you need all throughout the day.  The recommended dosage is about 10 to 20 drops of the liquid form per day or 2 400mg capsules.  If you want, you can opt to mix the extract with your beverage or food.  One caution though.  Excessive intake can cause diarrhea, nervousness, and insomnia in some cases.
  • Guggul – works well in losing weight since it converts body fat into energy.  For three months, consume a 500mg capsule thrice a day to reap the benefits of shedding weight.
  • L-Glutamine – stops your food cravings by sending fuel to the brain.  This clearly aids in weight loss as you are prevented from consuming more calories.  For optimum results, consume 2 500mg capsules thrice a day for two months.  Let them dissolve under your tongue to see great results immediately.
  • Reishi Mushrooms – These mushrooms function as strength builders.  Not only that.  They also provide you resistance from illnesses.  These traits make them effective in healthy weight loss.  When you do your strength and resistance training, you are most likely successful in completing your daily workout routines.  It is advised to take only 10 to 20 drops of its liquid form or 600 mg of its form capsule.  However, avoid this is you are allergic to mushroom.  In additions, do not consume this after your cup of coffee as this will make you jumpy.

All these supplements have one thing in common.  They all have the same goal – which is to convert fat into energy and help you lose weight to keep your body healthy.  However, I suggest that you consult your physician first before taking any one of them.  Also, consuming supplements alone will not help you.  You also need to exercise to get the healthy body you have always been dreaming of.  So what are you waiting for ladies and gents?  Go to your doctor now, consult, exercise, and start losing weight.  Good luck!

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dieting exercise free trials weight loss

Cheap Spinning Bikes Can Help With Weight Loss

Losing weight and getting fit with an exercise bike, which is sometimes called a spinning bike isn’t as hard as you might think it might be and can be a great asset to any fitness regime.  If your health goals are to lose weight, rid yourself of unwanted pounds, and get some increased muscle tone then cheap spinning bikes should be an option to consider.  We’ve put a quick and short guide together which will help you to decide whether or not this type of product is for you.

Losing weight with a home fitness program

Spinning Bikes and exercise bikes are used the world over by people exercising at home.  The reason being is that they are very portable and are easy to hide away when you are not using them.  Many are designed to be foldaway and the smaller low-end models can be packed into a cupboard or even slid underneath a bed for ease of storage.  If you like in a small confined space or apartment then this will be an absolute blessing.

Upright Exercise Bikes

The most common style available to buy are upright exercise bikes.  They are styled like a bicycle so most people have no problems adapting as how to use them.  You simply get on it and start pedalling.  The benefits are immediate and cardio vascular activity can increase hugely if you just work out for thirty minutes a day.  You should also notice increased muscle strength, tone, and stamina, not to mention burning plenty of calories.

Recumbent Exercise Bikes

The type you may have seen on the market when reading recumbent exercise bike reviews are recumbent models.  So called because you sit down in them like you would a chair, in a reclined position.  They are generally a bit more pricey and cost more, but are suited to those that are very overweight or have any inherent back problems.  Although they will help you to get fit they won’t tend to work you upper body as much as a stationary upright bike.

Will I lose weight though?

That really is you call, after all you will be exercising on your own so you will need to motivate yourself.  A spinning bike though is a perfect tool to help with part of a weight loss program, so if you buy one, you can start today!

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How Can I Determine How Many Calories I Should Be Eating?

In the world of fitness and weight loss one of the questions that always comes up is people asking how many calories they should be eating. The answer: it varies. Before you try to figure out how many calories you should be eating you need to be mindful of a few things:

  • Your age
  • Your gender
  • Your activity level
  • Your goals

As you can see, the number of calories that you need to achieve a loss of weight may be more or less than somebody else who has the same goals. Our bodies burn calories at different rates. So the question still remains then. How do you know how many calories to consume? There are basically two ways to come up with a number that can work for you.

Use a calculator. A weight loss calculator takes into account your age, gender, activity level and other important factors which you will enter into the calculator. It will then calculate the approximate number of calories that you should be consuming to achieve your personal goal.  Remember too that these types of calculators aren’t an exact science but will give you a great jumping off point to get you headed in the right direction.

Do a manual calculation. This fitness blog post will show you exactly how to manually calculate the number of calories you should be consuming based on your goal weight and activity level.

multiply your goal weight by 10 to get the bare minimum to live.
– add 300 to 400 for sedentary lifestyles
– add 400 to 700 for weight training
– add 800 to 1000 for hard gainers and runners.

No matter which method you use to determine how many calories you should be eating, adjustments may need to be made. For instance, if you follow the guidelines given to you and you still aren’t losing weight (or gaining weight if that’s your goal), then you will need to eat fewer to achieve a loss or more to achieve a gain. It all comes down to your goals and how quickly your body burns calories.

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