Losing the Stubborn Baby Weight

When my youngest daughter, Lizzie, was born, it was one of the happiest days of my life. I grinned from one ear to the other ear. After two baby boys, we finally had a baby girl. My husband and I were truly delighted with our new family member. With my two others, I found dropping the baby weight relatively easy. There was no outrageous dieting or exercise. The excess weight fell off quite easily. But not with Lizzie.

My family GP recognised my older age may have contributed, but no matter what I tried, I couldn’t return to my pre-baby weight. This wasn’t about me wanting to be rake-thin. I just wanted to be comfortable in my skin, and as I was, I wasn’t comfortable.

I turned to my lovely mother for her advice. She (shockingly) was no help. She kept telling me all about how she just ‘snapped back’ after having me, her fourth child. If she had magic genes, I certainly didn’t inherit them.

As a new mum, I didn’t have time to go to the gym regularly, and I certainly had enough on my plate without the erratic mood swings that come with crash dieting (ladies, you know exactly what I’m talking about). I was lost, but one day, when I picked up Zach from school, I crossed paths with his friend’s mother, who gave me some pointers that actually helped me regain my previous figure, my confidence, and most importantly, my comfort.

Eat at regular times

As a new mum, I tended to think: ‘Baby first, baby second, baby third, me possibly fourth’. I wasn’t eating on a regular basis. If I was in the kitchen and felt hungry, I’d snack on something. I hardly ever sat myself down for a full meal. So, the first thing I did was, I forced myself into a regime. I ate breakfast with my eldest children, I ate lunch at half-past twelve, and dinner at six. I snacked far less, but when I did, I opted for healthier options like celery and carrots.


Thank goodness for whoever invented the stroller! It’s great for kids to get out, and it’s great for you to not be locked up in the house. I scheduled two strolls a day, one in the morning before it got too hot, and one in the evening. I’ve never understood people who use treadmills, and living in Vale, Aveley, half an hour out of Perth, I have no reason to. The scenery is gorgeous (we’re near the Swan Valley) and the people I come across are genuinely pleasant. We’ve actually formed a new mothers walking group, which I highly recommend.

Be lenient with yourself

Don’t expect this to happen in the blink of an eye, and don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t. You’re not a yo-yo, and you don’t want to be one (remember, a yo-yo that goes down has to come back up). So give yourself time and enjoy the journey and your new bub

Jocelyn Waterhouse is a proud mum of three darling children. If you can’t find her at home or work, she’s probably out strolling around Vale, Aveley.

The Fat Loss Advantage of Casein Protein Powder

Casein protein comprises 80% of the total protein found in cow’s milk. It contains all the essential amino acids necessary for muscle growth. In this regard, it is similar to whey protein. Casein protein powders are high quality sources of protein. Choosing the right protein powder can do wonders for your muscle building potential.

The main difference between casein and whey protein powders is absorption time. Casein protein powders take time to digest. It is considered a slow digesting protein powder because it takes two to four hours before it becomes available for the body to use. Amino acid levels remain elevated seven hours thereafter. Bodybuilders usually take casein protein powders before sleeping. It is a well known fact that muscle repair happens during rest. Take casein protein powder two hours before bedtime. This ensures that the body gets all the protein it needs to maximize muscle growth.

Several studies reveal that casein protein powder provides greater muscle retention. Most fitness plans center on fat and weight loss and at the same time, build or maintain muscles. Going on a low calorie diet to lose fat doesn’t always work that way. The body may compensate for its low calorie supply by getting energy from precious muscles. Casein protein powder minimizes this effect. Therefore, it stands to reason that it promotes fat loss. Instead of getting energy from muscles, casein protein helps the body utilize fat stores for energy.

Plain casein protein powders are available for purchase. Some protein powder supplements combine whey and casein protein. These sustained release blends combine the best of both worlds. You can also opt to tailor your protein intake according to your body’s needs. Whey protein powder for when you need an immediate protein boost. Casein protein powder for elevated amino acid levels when your muscles recuperate during rest.

Casein protein powder has a lot going for it. It provides high quality protein for when your body needs it the most. While it takes time to digest, it makes up for it by keeping amino acid levels elevated for a longer period of time.

Harvin Gulfill is writing about Proteintilskud. Do also read more about Kasein proteinpulver.

Instituting a Family Fitness Time

Instituting a Family Fitness Time

Physical activity is a very important aspect of everyone’s daily life. Exercise is not always meant for losing weight or getting oneself ripped. Instituting a family fitness time is a great way to remain healthy and at the same time be more with the family.

Nowadays, our kids are also very busy. They need to do after school activities, homework, meet their friends, etc. And same is true for us too. Family time is quite important when we wish to get together. Even though you have a busy schedule, ensuring to have family time is important, and it would be great to make that time give you double benefit!

Out of your busy schedule, getting some time to serve a dual purpose is really a boon in disguise. A great idea would be to get the whole family assembled together for an exercise session rather than you trying to do it alone. This way, you not only get the time to meet each other, but everybody also gets the required physical activity.

Increasing Motivation and Making Everyone Accountable

The major hardship of exercising alone is the lack of accountability or motivation. Sometimes your friends may join you, but they too have families. However, all your family members can motivate each other in your workouts. It altogether becomes a fun family time instead of a chore as it is tackled together.

Benefits of family fitness time:

• Everybody participates together and attains better fitness

• There is positive challenge between each other

• You become more aware of importance of better eating habits

• It can be easily handled within your schedules

There is 24/7 constant support for you. You can even extend your earlier 30 minutes to one hour sessions if you want. Few suggestions for whole-family workouts:

• Try a DVD/video workout session

• Go together on bike riding

• Do weight lifting together

• Enjoy playing video games and allow people to leave in-between

Everybody can choose his/her favorite exercise and introduce it to the whole family members. You can let different person to lead the workout session on different days. Everybody remains involved and gets benefits from the group exercises.

Weight training can be allowed for both young and old. You, your spouse, and your kids can work in unison, and together you can grow stronger. When everybody is involved, then a specific area in the house can be fixed for it. Dumbbells take only a little space and are not very expensive. It is important to keep different weight amounts so that people of different age can use the right weight comfortably.

Don’t have any time for exercise during the busy day? There is chance that other people in your family might also have limited time but need physical exercise.  You can decide to work out together with your family members and fix up a time for exercise to remain healthy. You not only get benefited by being healthier, but you also help your loved ones to do the same, and get the chance of spending the much-needed quality time together.