Colon Cleansing Improves your General Health

Colon Cleansing Improves your General Health

An unhealthy colon has the potential to affect our general health, since it affects all other organs in our body. When our colon is unhealthy, it is filled with mucoid plaque and toxins. It is clogged, which leads to constipation. Unhealthy colons are often a by-product of modern, American living, with our bad diets, poor lifestyles, and bad living conditions.

English: Salvia divinorum. Original image was ...

English: Salvia divinorum. Original image was of an unhealthy plant that did not do justice to the plant’s usual appearance. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We Americans tend to eat too much protein, which leads to too much acid, which harms the colon and depletes necessary minerals and electrolytes from our bodies. Many of us also tend to overeat, which results in an overuse of enzymes and an overworked colon.

In addition, the foods we eat harm our colons. Processed food is a big culprit; we eat foods that were not meant to be eaten by any human. Healthy colons result in healthy lifestyles; with a clean colon, many of the ailments we experience simply go away.

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The Detox Debate: Pros and Cons of Colon Cleansing

The Detox Debate: Pros and Cons of Colon Cleansing

With all the toxins that we are exposed to on a daily basis-in our foods, the air, our water, etc-it would seem fitting that a wave of detox programs spring up to the rescue, but nothing is ever as easy as problem and solution. Lately, there has been a lot speculation on whether colon cleansing is beneficial or detrimental to our health. Below, we take a look at each opinion:

just wrong

just wrong (Photo credit: philomythus)

Pro- Colon Cleansing- Those in the camp of pro colon cleansing say that they regularly colon cleanse to detoxify themselves of all the toxic build up that naturally occurs in all of our bodies. They say that since our colon system is a intricate maze of tubes, it is easy for fecal matter to get caught in there. Once there, it can remain and greatly affect our overall health.

Con- Colon Cleansing- Those opposed-mostly in the physician world-say that our bodies were designed to be able to cleanse themselves our as is, and that cleansing them with some other manner can strip the protective lining of the colon and make the colon more vulnerable to trapped toxins.

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