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How Herbal Teas Help in Losing Weight

The Chinese, British, and many other nations have drank tea for generations –the Chinese for even longer —so it is an ordinary thing for them, part and parcel of everyday life and not much more. Yet many people are also discovering that tea can actually benefit them in other ways, among the more important ones being losing excess weight.

Actually, herbal teas contain several characteristics and substances that act on the body for it to shed more weight than otherwise. For instance, green tea (as most popular weight loss tea) has good amounts of catechin polyphenols –mainly epigallocatechin gallate— whose main action is to enhance the oxidation of fat and raise thermogenesis. Fat oxidation is the process of how the body uses fat, while thermogenesis is that by which the body burns calories. Any rise in the level of these two means faster dissolution of fatty deposits in the body, resulting to faster weight loss.

Green tea has been found also to slow down the generation of blood sugar from food, thus inhibiting the introduction of insulin which promotes fat storage. After you eat a lot of carbohydrates, the amount of sugar in the blood rises. This causes the pancreas to inject insulin into the bloodstream to remove the excess blood sugar and store it as fat. The process then induces the person to eat more carbohydrates to compensate for the depressed sugar level. Result: a rising spiral of weight accumulation.

Drinking tea before and after meals has been found to curb eating more during meals, and lower the urge to eat between. Also, tea have a little caffeine –likewise plenty in coffee—which is a diuretic agent that promotes loss of body water and thus weight. It also suppresses the appetite so you don’t crave food as much.

Aside from green tea, there is also pu-erh tea, wu long tea, black, Earl Grey  and oolong tea that perform the same functions in varying degrees of effectiveness. They promote metabolism so the body burns more fat, and reduce the ‘need’ for more food.

Meanwhile, feiyan tea raises the body’s metabolism process, suppresses the appetite, and helps the body get rid of fat. Pretty much the same actions as those of green tea. The trendy acai berry teas also increases body metabolism through the action of its antioxidant, helps break fat down for faster usage, raises energy levels and fights fatigue at the same time, helping the person exert more efforts and burn more calories.

Despite all these touted benefits of slimming teas, medical counsel is always recommended before embarking on any tea drinking regimen, more especially if you have special medical conditions. Although natural herbal teas are not as likely to produce adverse reactions, they can and sometimes do generate the reactions. Ask your doctor; it could mean a lot to your health.

This is a post by Brian from Hambleden Herbs, a supplier of herbal tea and other teas and infusions to help you feel fresh and invigorated.

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The Multiple Health Benefits of Probiotics

Probiotics are living, friendly bacteria that have health benefits when they are taken in the right amount. These friendly bacteria come in many forms and live in the gastrointestinal tract. The most common of the more than 400 types of these bacteria are L. acidophilus and Bifidobacteria bifidum probiotics.

L. acidophilus is present in the small intestine, and Bifodobacteria bifidum reside in the large intestine and colon. These two work together to help the body maintain good health and protect the digestive system. When not present in enough numbers, problems such as headaches, sluggishness, digestive upset, and overgrowth of the Candida bacteria can occur.

The Multiple Health Benefits of Probiotics

There are many health benefits of having enough friendly bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. More people are availing themselves of the benefits of taking a daily probiotic to maintain maximum health.

•Enhances the immune system to ward off common illnesses such as colds and flu

•Better digestion of carbohydrates and protein

•Suppresses bad bacteria including constipation, diarrhea, gas, and bad breath

•Strengthens immune system to prevent viral respiratory tract infections

•Reduce occurrences of yeast infections and vaginitis

•Prevents eczema in young children

•Aids with digestion of food by producing beneficial acids

•Helps with lactose intolerance through production of enzymes

•Increases absorbing of calcium and vitamin B in the body

Foods Containing Probiotics

There are many probiotic supplements on the market, but some people may prefer to get their probiotics from foods. Certain foods contain active probiotic cultures.

•Yogurt – most people know that yogurt is a good source of probiotics. All yogurts produced in the United States must contain live cultures of Lactobaccillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermo-philus. Some yogurts contain more live cultures, so read the labels carefully and do not just rely on the front of the yogurt carton. Look for ingredients that say live, active cultures.

•Kefir – this fermented, probiotic beverage can be made from cow or goat milk, but also from plant milks such as soy and rice. This drink contains a mixture of the friendly bacteria along with fermenting and non-lactose fermenting yeasts. Some kefirs can contain up to ten billion probiotics per cup.

•Cultured Dairy Products – other dairy products containing probiotics include buttermilk, a spreadable cheese made from yogurt called Lebne is popular in Middle Eastern cultures, and sweet acidophilus milk.

Who Should Take Probiotics

Most people benefit from the multiple health benefits of probiotics, but anyone who is taking an antibiotic for any reason should supplement with a probiotic. Antibiotics disrupt the balance of flora in the GI tract which can lead to an overabundance of yeast.

Probiotics are best when taken with food two to three times a day. Even young children benefit from probiotics to build an immune system that can ward of illnesses.

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Chinese Tea: Enjoy its Weight Loss and Health Benefits

Losing weight is very vital to our health. In many years until today, Chinese tea was sought by women and men alike. It was proven that Chinese tea has lots of health benefits along with its ability to remove the excess pounds in your body. Isn’t it great? So if you try to lose weight fast in a healthy way, drinking Chinese tea will be a good option.

Chinese tea is actually of different kinds. It so happen because Camellia sinensis comes with variations. The Green Tea, White Tea, Oolong Tea, Black Tea and the Pu-Erh Tea are the most widespread Camillia sinensis’ variation. All these kinds of teas can help you with your losing weight goals by burning your fats. Among all the teas mentioned, black tea contains high caffeine and also more calories. Pur-Erh on the other hand is renowned for its LDL or bad cholesterol reduction power.

Now, which tea do you think is the best tea of all? The answer depends on the individual who is drinking the tea. Oolong tea is believed to give you a superior result in your metabolism process but same with black tea, it contains high caffeine. If you are the type of person who don’t like the effect and taste of caffeine, the Green tea will be your best option. Also, aside from the less caffeine content of green tea, it is lesser in calories too. In addition, it also tastes good because of the way it is processed.

For additional information, teas are not just for burning fats but also help in the removal of toxins from your body. Moreover, it strengthens the immune system of your body. So upon drinking Chinese tea for you to lose weight, you also give your entire body system with good benefits.

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Some of the benefits of green tea in terms of weight loss!

You know, some things are just so great and healthy, like green tea, that all people should drink it. In Asia, the peoples there have been drinking the tea for thousands of years. There has been global research over the years as to why this little plant is so good for humans. How about body cleansing – detox, or weight loss, or support/prevention (possibly) with particular diseases?

First off if you are looking to lose weight you might have been looking all over the internet about diets for quick weight loss. Sadly, diet pills and the like all have some kind of artificially added stimulant property in them. Green tea will increase your metabolism, but it does so in a natural way. While you’re burning the fat with increased efficiency, all the extra energy will be available and you will naturally want to be more active. You’ll see much better results if you help the process by eating better and getting some kind of exercise into your life. Using a green tea diet is not fool proof but since it’s as easy as drinking a few cups of green tea everyday you might as well give it a shot and see what happens! At most you will probably avoid eating some sodas such as coke which will help you stay full while not eating junk!

One of the best aspects of green tea is that it’s a completely natural way to get important nutrients, and it can be consumed in many different forms. If you want to follow the traditions of countries like China and Japan, you can simply enjoy green tea as a hot beverage. However, you can also make a delicious iced tea from it for the summer months. Still, if you prefer to just “take it,” then you can easily find the supplement capsules in different dosages. If you’re one who cannot take caffeine, then just look for the decaffeinated variety because it is made. One approach is consuming the regular strength version at work during the day, and then after hours drink the decaffeinated tea. It all depends on your preferences and how caffeine effects you.

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Should You Be Using Green Tea For Weight Loss

Many people are eager to lose weight and more than ready to pay for it. These people are also easily ripped off when it comes to weight loss supplements, as most of them think that eating supplements will help them burn fat. Most of these people think that weight loss teas are highly efficient because people usually lose weight while using them – the problem is that the weight will easily be gained back after discontinuing the use. Why is this?

First of all, quick weight loss is always about losing some extra water retention, and this does not contribute in your fat loss – muscles contain almost 80% of water, where as adipose tissue only has less than 5% of water in it. This means that when you lose water in your body, your bodyfat percentage actually goes up, as your lean body mass decreases. Using green tea for weight loss will usually cause you to lose water because these teas contain caffeine which is also a thermogenic. This means that it will boost your metabolic rate and induce some fat burn.

The problem with thermogenics is that you will develop a tolerance to them quite quickly, making them quite ineffective in the long run. Usually as they boost your metabolic rate temporarily, they will also slow your metabolism after you discontinue the use – this will make it even easier for you to gain the weight back.

All in all, it is not a good idea to base your weight loss project to green tea, or any other supplement that is designed for weight loss. You will not get permanent results, and in the end it will be quite difficult to achieve long term results with them. You should always focus on eating a healthy diet and increasing the amount of exercise that you do, and use supplements only when these two things are under control.

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Can a Green Tea Diet Burn Calories?

Recently, science has proven that consuming green tea can have an impact when you are attempting to lose weight. On its own, green tea has been touted for its many health benefits including lowering of blood pressure and for the prevention and treatment of cancers.

When it comes to weight loss, green tea is not a magic bullet that will instantly shed unwanted pounds. But, one of the polyphenols contained in green tea, epigallocatechin gallate (ECGC) is believed to cause thermogenesis (increase of the heat production in the body). This increase in heat production supports calorie-burning properties enhancing weight loss.

Asian countries have consumed green tea regularly for centuries finding benefit from the catechins it contains.
Black tea leaves are fermented and therefore lose many of the potent catechins contained in green tea. Since the leaves are steamed instead of fermented, green tea retains the powerful polyphenols that are beneficial. Due to the fermentation process, black tea only contains between 3-10% polyphenols, while the steamed green tea leaves contain 30-40%. In terms of potency in tea, white tea is the most potent being the least processed, followed by green tea, oolong tea and finally black tea.

When consuming green tea diet plans can be more effective. The increased metabolism that you will experience by drinking green tea will enhance the weight you lose when attempting to diet. However, for weight loss, it should be part of a healthy lifestyle regime for best results.

A diet rich in organic produce, whole grains, nuts and deep water, wild caught fish like salmon that is chock full of heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids is important for good health. To further enhance your weight loss potential, exercise is key. Take a brisk walk 4-5 days each week. A 30 minute power walk will increase your stamina, improve your mental outlook and help to keep you fit.

For long term weight loss success, a green tea diet plan, while not a magic bullet and as part of a healthy lifestyle regime, can help you to achieve your goal.