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Best Weight-Loss Apps for a New You in 2012

For many, the holiday season means overindulging: Eating too much, drinking too much, exercising too little and not getting enough sleep. It’s usually fun while it lasts, but eventually reality sets in along with the New Year, and that spurs us to turn over a new leaf. Sometimes all it takes to get motivated is a new exercise DVD, or gadget to get us excited about fitness. This year, there are tons of great, new apps for your smart phone that will have you shaking off those extra holiday pounds in no time.

Meal Snap

This iPhone app might be the easiest way ever to keep track of calories consumed. All you have to do is snap a picture of what you are about to eat, enter a description, and it will give send the nutritional information right to your phone.

Daily Burn

An app for the iPhone, Daily Burn allows you to enter a customized workout program to analyze calories burned and other information. You can also scan the bar code of any food item to get its nutritional information.


Nike Training Club

You can design your own workout plan by picking and choosing from a database of over 90 fitness drills designed for top athletes. It’s like having a personal trainer built into your iPhone.

StepTrak Lite

This free app will act as a pedometer, monitoring how many miles you walk, run, jog or move. It also keeps track of the level of activity; vigorous, moderate or light. All you have to do is have your phone on your belt, in your pocket, or in a backpack while you move.


This handy app is for runners. It uses the iPhone’s GPS sensors to monitor how far and how fast you run. You can track your progress by saving all the information obtained from each run by logging on to the app’s related web site. To top it off, the app includes a digital coach who will encourage you as you run.

Crunch Fu

Your days of doing sit-ups and crunches incorrectly are over with the Crunch Fu app. Just hold your phone on your chest while you crunch, and the app will send you data about your form and speed.


Digifit is a free app that uses a real-time heart rate chart to monitor your heart rate during workouts. It can also track your mileage, and calculate your calories burned based on your weight, age, gender and fitness level.

Fast Food Calorie Counter

Even when you’re on a diet, it’s almost inevitable you will find yourself in a situation where you are staring down the menu of a fast food joint, trying to make a good choice. This app makes it easy by providing a database of the top 73 fast food restaurants. It will give you a list of the nutritional information of thousands of menu items.


For those of us too timid to attend a yoga class, or simply don’t have the time, Pret-a-Yoga brings it to your phone. A personal yoga instructor will guide you through common beginner’s poses and breathing sequences.

The New Year is a time for starting over…for putting behind bad habits and replacing them with healthy ones. Such endeavors are much easier said than done. That’s why offers tools like the weight loss calculator and information on low fat foods to help you achieve your goals.

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