5 Ways to Keep You Stress Free While Dieting

Recent studies by the medical community have established the link between stress and heart diseases in overweight individuals. Hence, the more stressed out an individual is, the more likely are the chances of him suffering a heart attack, which is triggered on by stress. Also, stress has been found to impede weight loss in an individual. This makes it necessary to stay stress free if you are a participant of the HCG diet program in order to achieve effective weight loss. Here are some useful tips to stay stress free while on the HCG diet.

  • ExerciseExercise is one of the best and most effective stress busters. Involving yourself in a regular physical workout can expend a great amount of pent up stress from your body. This would prevent the build up of lactic acid in your body and prevent you from obesity related diseases that affect the heart and kidneys.
  • Yoga – Meditation is a holistic way to relieve your body of stress while on the HCG diet. Dedicate a certain amount of time everyday to practice yoga. This would channel all the unwanted stress and convert it into positive energy, which would relax and soothen your body and mind.
  • Positive frame of mind – One of the most essential things to do while on the HCG diet is to cultivate a positive frame of mind. Thinking positively can solve a whole host of problems including stress. A positive mindset would also goad you on to accomplish your objective and make your weight loss endeavor a success.
  • Introspect – At times during the HCG diet you might experience a bit of stress due to your constant craving for food. Take some time out to introspect and ask yourself the objective behind what you are trying to accomplish. Losing weight and looking good again is an excellent reason that would spur you on and help you beat stress.
  • Avoid stress foods – There are certain foods that can cause stress and pressure in an individual. These are often foods that are high in saturated fats and calories. Junk food such as burgers, hot dogs etc should be avoided at all cost while on the HCG diet. Apart from preventing you to lose weight, consuming these foods would raise the blood pressure in the body, leading to the build up stress.

Engaging yourself in creative pursuits is another great way to beat stress while on the HCG diet. Painting or learning a musical instrument are some very holistic ways of channeling the pent up energy in the body and regulating the levels of stress. Activities such as reading or listening to music can have a very calming effect on the body and prevent the onset of stress.

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Getting to Know the Original HCG Protocol

Since the 1950s, the protocol for the hCG diet has undergone many alterations that have been hailed as innovations. Nevertheless, anyone new to the diet should first get to know the original hCG protocol as outlined by Dr. Albert Simeons in his famous manuscript, Pounds and Inches. The Simeons protocol is the foundation for all hCG weight loss diet systems.

HCG Treatment

Human Chorionic Gondroitin, according to Simeons, is an appetite suppressant that enables dieters to eat only 500 calories a day without hunger—though critics claim that hCG is nothing but a placebo. In the classic hCG protocol, dieters are given daily 125-IU injections of hCG over the course of 40 days or 23 days, depending on the amount of weight one wishes to lose. The standard claim that those on the hCG diet typically lose one pound a day.

The 500 Calorie Diet

Weight loss of a pound a day becomes less unbelievable when it’s understood that only 500 calories a day are being eaten. Again, Simeons maintains that it is the hCG hormone that makes the diet sustainable.

Nothing is consumed for breakfast except for tea or coffee with no sugar added. For lunch, dieters can choose one vegetable, one fruit (a half-grapefruit, an apple or orange), one breadstick, and 100 grams (weighed prior to cooking) of lean meat or fish. The same meal selection is repeated for dinner.

Further Restrictions

To prevent alterations in hCG hormone activity, the following items are prohibited: aspirin, oil-based condiments, oil- or cream-based cosmetics, massage treatments, sugar and alcohol. Exercise is permitted; saccharine or Stevia are allowed to substitute for sugar; and powder-based cosmetics are acceptable.

Further Research

Since even the most liberal hCG protocols are quite restrictive, and since there are many competing protocols to choose from, one should look for a good hCG diet forum to get a wide range of experiences and opinions on different approaches. While books often have more in-depth research, forums tend to have more less sanitized and more honest accounts of the hCG diet.

Following the HCG Diet While on Vacation

It is that time of the year again, when you badly need a vacation. After toiling laboriously you know a break would bring much needed respite to your life. It would rejuvenate and infuse new life into you. However, there is one problem and that is you have just started the HCG diet. While on tour people tend to go berserk and eat to their hearts desires. If you are planning a trip to Las Vegas for instance, there is all possibility that you are going to indulge in some serious drinking. Besides the steak houses and assortment of fast food restaurants and stands are always a huge temptation.

Here’s the good news however. You don’t have to starve yourself to death while on vacation. In fact you are allowed to eat certain types of foods while on the HCG diet that would otherwise be frowned upon considering your weight. This is due to the fact that while on the HCG diet program you can consume a cap of upto 500 calories a day for the first 21 days and 1000 calories for the remaining 21 days.

The trick is to indulge in your favorite foods while abiding to the calorie restriction. The best time to go on a vacation would be during the second half of the HCG diet phase. This is due to the fact that you can consume upto 1000 calories in a day which leaves room for some serious indulgence while on vacation.

Moderation is the key while you are on holiday. You can safely eat foods such as steak, potatoes and other delectable items in moderation. Alcohol however should be avoided at all costs. Alcohol not only contains relatively higher calories than most foods but it could also have an adverse impact since you are being administered regular doses of the HCG hormone. The combination of alcohol and HCG in the blood could have disastrous consequence on your liver and other vital organs in your body.

While on vacation it is best to switch to HCG diet drops. These drops are made out of a synthesized variant of HCG called sublingual HCG. It has been proved that HCG diet drops are more effective in the weight loss process compared to injections. The sublingual HCG reacts faster in the body and increases the rate of metabolism by burning up all the fat and converting it back to energy.

The best part about the HCG diet program is that you can safely travel and go on long vacations while following it. You can moderately indulge in some of your favorite foods while on vacation as long as you keep track of the calorie count. If you religiously abide by the HCG diet program you can lose a pound a day during your vacation.


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Trying to Find Quick Ways to Lose Weight?

Everybody likes a quick fix for every problem nowadays, and one particular problem that has people scrambling for the ultimate solution is weight. Some people seem to be able to shed pounds as easily as though they were just taking off their coats, while for a greater number of people, it’s an uphill battle that goes on forever. It’s no wonder then that people resort to supposed miracle weight loss products and solutions that might have a disastrous effect on their bodies if they’re not all that they promise to be. Another alternative people tend to resort to is starving themselves or going on a crash diet, which might work for a couple of days, but is ultimately very harmful for your body, and isn’t really the best method for achieving sustained weight loss.

The best thing for you to realize is this: There is no one single solution that can help you shed pounds instantly, unless you take into account the claims and reviews of fellow dieters who swear by the effectiveness of the product and the diet. If you really must give such products a try, you might want to keep in mind that you should be buying high-quality versions of them and to carefully study what is HCG, its effects, and the diet you need to follow. If using HCG is not one of your options, however, then you should come to terms with the fact that it can take quite a while before you make serious headway in your weight loss efforts.

Every little step you make is an improvement, though. Cutting out soda from your diet for a couple of weeks can also work wonders for your weight, the same with eliminating overly fatty, salty, and sugary foods and walking more often. You’re not going to see results within just a day or two, but keep implementing the changes for a couple of weeks and you’ll find how much better and lighter you feel.

Another thing that could help you lose weight quickly is exercise. Yes, it might not seem as though you’re getting rid of the weight fast enough, but this definitely helps you burn the calories you need to lose a few pounds. You just need to be dedicated and serious about working out, and to make sure you do routines that are good for the entire body, not just for losing weight in certain areas.

Quick fixes are definitely interesting and tempting. But if you’re not the sort to opt for them or to try out alternatives such as oral HCG, then waiting it out and working out hard is your best solution.

Oral HCG Drops vs HCG Injections

Once you have made the decision to buy HCG in order to help your battle against excess weight, you must then make the choice of how you want to administer this weight loss drug. HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is a hormone which is naturally found in the body.  By taking extra HCG you can help to trick your body into losing more weight and helps to prevent it from turning the food you eat into fat. By combining HCG with a healthy diet, you can help your body to lose the excess pounds that otherwise do not want to burn off.

Reasons to use injections

When HCG was first discovered for use as a weight loss supplement, there was no option as to how it should be taken. The only choice was to take the hormone through intramuscular injections.  Since this was the original method of treatment, it has become the most perfected and most common method of administering HCG. Due to the extra time which has been spent in perfecting HCG injections, you actually have to take less HCG in order to achieve the same effect.  Since the hormone is injected directly into the muscles it can quickly move into the bloodstream and begin helping your body.

Reasons to use oral drops

There are a large number of people who are not comfortable with the idea of sticking themselves with a needle daily in order to help them lose weight. After years of development, scientists have come up with a way to take HCG orally. These HCG drops are a much more pleasant alternative to the traditional injections.  Since they are not injected into the bloodstream it takes a higher concentration of HCG in order to see the same weight loss as you would with injections.

Which is better?

Many people prefer orally administered HCG in order to avoid the mental block they have with regular injections.  Orally administered HCG is also cheaper many times simply because you do not have to visit the doctor as often in order to ensure that the injections are being done properly. Some people may find that one type of HCG works better for them than the other application. Before you buy HCG of any type you should consult your doctor in order to make sure that it will not have any negative repercussions.