HCG Drops Advantages For Quick Weight Loss

HCG is a protein hormone that accumulates naturally in the placenta after conception in a woman’s body. However this hormone, also known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is found in both male and female alike, though in smaller dosages when not pregnant. Through the increasing of this hormone in the body the metabolism of the body accelerates and helps break down extra body fat cells. Thus the HCG hormone diet was created several decades ago.

The HCG hormone diet was originally, and still is available, offered as an inter-muscle injection. Currently oral HCG drops are also available on the market, a perfect option for needle-phobic people who really need to get rid of the extra pounds fast and efficiently. Unlike other products for weight loss, HCG drops are considerably less expensive, and if followed through with the diet properly, will give life-changing results. These drops do not require any preparation, and are ready made to ingest. The HCG hormone diet works with either injections or drops and each individual gets to choose.

The HCG drops, however, tend to have more longevity than the injections, not to mention that injections are sometimes painful, whereas ingested drops are easier than taking a pill. The HCG hormone produces no side effects as it is a completely natural hormone the body already possesses and is one of the most natural diets to produce such speedy results. There are many people that for health reasons need a speedy weight loss program so as to relieve their body from the side-effects of obesity, and sadly when in such extremes their body’s metabolism is running at minimum.

It is always good to begin the HCG hormone diet only after consulting your doctor and confirming that it is what your body needs at the moment. The most important part of all this diet is to stick to the diet. The HCG diet alone will have amazing results even without the drops (though the hormone accelerates the process), because the body is made to live and eat healthy. Any physician can confirm that there is no way to lose weight without these basic ingredients: healthy foods and low fat proteins, 2 to 3 liters of water a day minimum, 45 minutes at least of physical activity to get the metabolism up and running.

HCG drops and the HCG hormone diet is a wonderful option which many have tried and are now happy with their results. Who is to say you won’t be the next happy user?

Watch Out For HCG Weight Loss Side Effects

There is a new diet gaining attention in the world of weight loss, it is called the HCG diet. This diet uses a chemical called HCG (human chorionic ponadrotpin), a hormone produced by women who are pregnant. This chemical is the same chemical that allows pregnant women to burn the extra calories they consume to feed their growing baby. Many individuals claim that the diet works for them while others suffer from the negative HCG diet side effects.

What to Watch Out For

There are several common HCG side effects. One of them is reoccurring headaches. These can happen for several reasons such as sugar withdrawals or not getting enough food in your body. This happens because the diet only allows 500 calories per day, which is not enough for a normal person. Another symptom that is caused by this low calorie intake is fatigue. This is usually coupled with inhibited concentration skills and insomnia as the brain becomes impaired from lack of food. Many people also complain of constipation while on this diet but that can be fixed by drinking more water, which is a key part of weight loss. Blood clots, trouble breathing, and depression are dangerous side effects of the diet that should be looked out for. If they happen seek immediate medical attention. Women who are pregnant or are breast feeding are not allowed on this diet along with people who have certain cancers.

These and other HCG weight loss side effects happen for two reasons. The first is the improper use of the HCG hormone drops and the other poor dieting. Remember to always consult a doctor before starting any diet, especially one like HCG because of the hormones involved. Dieting should be safe and healthy. Remember to follow the instructions of the dietitian to the letter.

Looking Forward To Buy HCG Online

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When a person is looking for a great diet to follow, he or she will most likely turn to the internet to look for the best weight loss diet plan.  It is not surprising if he or she finds out about the hCG diet.  The hCG diet has been around for a long time and is still one of the favorites among dieters.  Many people buy hCG online so that they can start on the diet right away.  The first step to starting the diet is to purchase hCG.  Once the dieter has the needed hormone, then he or she can then follow the steps of the hCG diet and say hello to a brand new body, one that has gotten rid of the excessive fats.

Why do a lot of people buy hCG online instead of simply buying from pharmacies?  People who are starting on the diet may not know yet that the hormone supplements are not available over-the-counter at their favorite pharmacies.  To purchase hCG from health stores could also be difficult because only few health stores have them.  Many sellers are online, as many of them have their own manufacturing facilities.  This is why many websites offer dieters to buy their hormone stocks online because the dieters will definitely not see any pharmacy selling hCG drops or any other hormone supplements for the hCG diet.

How will a person know that the online store he or she will buy hCG online from is real or not?  There are websites that give tips on how to spot an authentic online store from one that is not.  Dieters should get to know these strategies first before they purchase hCG from online sources.  Doing so will help them to avoid getting into sticky situations such as getting into scams.  This is something that is not uncommon nowadays because in truth, there are a lot of existing scam websites online right now and dieters would do well to be on their guard at all times.

Dieters should always be alert against those opportunistic companies or people who set up websites where people could buy hCG online from.  It is important that before a dieter will purchase hCG, he or she should check the reliability of the store.  There are a lot of forums and reviews online that could shed light on the questions of the different people who are on the hCG diet, even questions about where to buy the hormone from.  A lot of dieters are willing to help out those who are new because they do believe that the hCG diet will be very helpful to those who want to lose weight really fast.

Read Before You Buy HCG Online

People often have a hard time discerning what weight loss diet to follow and most of them try to find out what benefits and disadvantages the diets have before they follow them right away.  When it comes to the hCG diet, there are people who follow it right away, but there are those who hesitate to buy hCG online because of the so-called hCG diet dangers.  These diet dangers are most likely what scare some people away.  There are articles pertaining the hCG diet that say that with the modified hCG diet, the said diet dangers have also lessened and have less chances of occurring.

Most of the hCG diet dangers being discussed are actually more on the side effects that may or may not have drastic effects in the body.  These diet dangers are actually said to be linked to the use of hCG injections in the past.  The injections are known to cause some trauma whenever used to deliver the needed hormone.  The trauma could then cause the dieter to feel very uncomfortable.  This is why some people are afraid to buy hCG online because they fear that the hCG diet will bring about a lot of discomfort.  Reviews, however, say that these discomforts are lessened now that the hCG drops are used.

People who have undergone the modified hCG diet will say that these hCG diet dangers and side effects have lessened tremendously and for some, they may not have felt anything at all.  When people buy hCG online, they usually choose to buy the hCG drops instead of the injections.  The diet dangers are linked to the use of the injections so people tend to avoid the use.  There have been studies conducted that say the daily dose of injections could somehow wreck the natural balance in the body and could then cause some effects.  These diet dangers are rare in form nowadays, especially with the use of hCG drops.

The hCG diet dangers are rarer in occurrence nowadays, with the modified hCG diet.  These diet dangers were more common in the past, when the hCG injections were used.  Huge doses of the hormone delivered to the body everyday could cause some major side effects to occur, and thus some dangers to develop.  With the use of the hCG drops, there is no need to worry because the said dangers are rare in occurrence.  This is why more and more people, when buying hCG online, choose to buy the hCG drops instead of the hCG injections in order to stay away from undesired effects.

Talking About The HCG Diet In HCG1234 Reviews

The hCG diet is once again gaining popularity and the hCG1234 reviews are there to prove it.  It was a trend way back in the 1950’s but has made an impressive comeback nowadays.  But the hCG diet is not as it used to be.  With the modernizations of nowadays, the original hormonal diet has also been subjected to a few modifications as well.  In the past, the hCG injections were rampantly used for the diet but now, they have been replaced with sublingual or oral homeopathic drops.  This is good news for those who want to try the diet, but are afraid of injections.

Countless hCG1234 reviews are discussing about the difference of the original hCG diet and the modified hCG 1234 diet program now.  One of the main points of discussion is the change from the use of hCG injections to the use of the oral form or the hCG drops.  According to studies, it has been found out that the effects of the injections are basically the same with that of the effects induced by the drops.  Though the amount of the hormone in the drops is in small doses, the effect on weight loss is still pretty much the same.  Because of this, experts have opted to use the drops instead of the injections.

Another point discussed in hCG1234 reviews aside from the use of hCG injections is that the principles or the protocols of the old hCG diet and the modified version are still the same.  There is still the use of the hormone in order to boost the capacity of the body to burn away the unwanted or abnormal fats.  These fats usually appear in the problem areas such as the abdomen and the arms.  They are called as such because they seem to be very stubborn and difficult to tone.  But with the hCG diet, the fats lurking inside could be easily burned away.

According to the hCG1234 reviews, it doesn’t matter if the dieter uses hCG injections or the hCG homeopathic oral drops because the effects are basically the same.  There may have been a few modifications especially with the number of calories to be ingested, but the principles are the same.  The modified hormonal diet still makes use of the same protocols and still delivers the same good results.  The rapid weight loss could still be achieved.  If there are any doubts, it would be good to read through the reviews.  The reviews could help to dispel some fears over the hormonal diet.

5 Reasons to Lose Weight Using the HCG Diet

HCG is an award winning diet that was conceived as a result of the extensive research of Dr. Simeons back in the 1950s. Since then the HCG diet has evolved over time and has become a paragon in the world of weight loss and dieting, with avid dieters patronizing it all across the globe. Due to its organic nature, zero side effects the comprehensive 42 day weight loss program is making a big splash in the international arena.

So what makes the HCG diet so special and unique? HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is essentially a hormone found in pregnant women. Dr. Simeons as a result of his studies was able to establish how theHCG hormone restricted pregnant women from consuming excess food while sustaining the requirements of their bodies by converting all the accumulated fat into energy. This novel concept came to be known as the HCG diet.

The HCG hormone is injected or orally given to dieters on a daily basis as part of a diet program, which lasts for 42 days. During this period a dieter can lose as much as 42 pounds, which is equivalent to a pound a day. That being said, the HCG diet programs the person’s metabolism in such a way that even after completion of the course his body continues to burn up all the excess fat.

In this article we shall discuss the top 5 reasons why you should lose weight by using the HCG diet.


  • Rapid and effective weight loss – The unique attribute of the HCG diet is its ability to reduce a person’s weight rapidly and effectively. You can lose as much as 42 pounds and more over the course of the 42 day program. It is the most result oriented weight loss program that has achieved a high success rate since its conception more than 50 years ago.
  • Weight loss is sustainable – Compared to other weight loss programs the HCG diet is unique since even after completion of the 42 day program the dieter’s body continues to burn fat. This is one of the unique selling propositions of the HCG diet that has made it so popular and successful.
  • The HCG diet successfully eliminates hunger – You might call this is unnatural but no, the HCG diet prevents people who are already overweight from eating excessively by reducing their hunger and appetite significantly. This is beneficial in the long run as by quelling hunger you are able to maintain your weight.
  • The HCG diet is safe – With over 50 years of successful weight loss to its credit the HCG diet has proved itself to be a safe and viable way to lose weight. The HCG hormone is a naturally occurring substance that is produced in pregnant women. There has not been a single instance of side effects ever registered from using the HCG diet.
  • Effective and result oriented  – Last but not least, the HCG diet is a comprehensive result oriented program that has achieved a high success rate the world over and has been advocated by the medical fraternity as well as by eminent nutritionists and dieticians alike.

Losing weight in a safe way is the biggest reason why someone should use the HCG Diet. After all, what could be more important than a fit and healthy life?

HCG Diet Package is a great source of information online about HCG, you can also buy hcg directly from the most trusted source on the web there.