Do’s and Dont’s for Detox Juice Recipes

Detox Juice Recipes

We live in a hectic world. People do not even have time to prepare their own meals anymore because most Americans have more than a single job or have very demanding jobs. There are also people who no longer have time to exercise. Aside from the hectic life and the unhealthy food people are eating, there is also the air which is full of particles not good for the body. It is crucial that we detoxify our body every now and then so we can get rid of the toxins in our body. For this reason, you can see a lot of detox juice recipes. Not only is juicing refreshing, it can also be very good for the body.

Juice Diet Recipes

If you are thinking about detoxifying your body, you should be informed of the best detox diet foods. Fruits are one of the best options. Not only are they naturally sweet and healthy, they are also very easy to find. You will be able to see a lot of fruits juice diet recipes all over the Internet today. Fruits juices have lots of nutrients, minerals and vitamins which our body needs.

Vegetables are also great. We all know just how much children detest vegetables and most of them refuse to eat vegetables. With juicing you will be able to introduce countless vegetables to your children and have them eat it too. Juicing can allow you to blend vegetables and give them a new taste which your everyone will love. The whole family will be able to get the great benefits of detoxifying through juicing.

However, you should remember that not everyone can embark on a juice fast. There are certain people who should avoid juice fasting and they are children, pregnant women, diabetics, people with kidney disease, cancer and other terminal illnesses. You should only go on a juice fast under the supervision of a physician.

How To Lose Weight In 2 Weeks: The Healthy Way

Many are looking for quick ways to shed off extra pounds and get in shape but when it comes to quick fixes, there are always certain disadvantages that people need to understand.  Fast crash diets have become quite the trend these days and while they can produce staggering results, you can very well expect negative side effects especially after your body starts to become weak and undernourished.

If you are dead set on slimming down quickly, you should choose a healthier approach of getting results.  Listed below are tips on how to lose weight in 2 weeks – the healthy way:

Eat Only Fat Free Foods
This is, without a doubt, the most challenging step in the process because most people who are dealing with weight problems are used to eating extremely fatty foods.  However, if you really want to see results, you will have to give up chips, fast food, and other greasy delights.  Better yet, you should cook your own meals for two weeks so you don’t have to order in or eat out at all.

Drink Lots of Water and Fruit Juices
Aside from ditching trans fat, you should also make it a point to drink lots of water and natural juices instead of coffee and carbonated beverages.  While curtailing your food intake helps a great deal, it is equally important to aid your body in flushing out toxins and other harmful elements that have been stuck in your system for a very long time.  It would not hurt to consider going on a cleansing diet for a week or so in order to clean out the colon as well as the entire digestive system.

Exercise for One Full Hour Everyday
This is perhaps the most difficult thing to do, let alone maintain especially if you are not used to being active.  However, it is very important to keep your heart rate up in order to burn off more calories.

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Lemons help cure Colds and Virosis

Lemons help cure colds and viruses because they are so rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C fights infections of any kind, strengthening the body’s defense system. It is indicated you drink lemonade or tea with lemon juice whenever you find yourself in a very demanding period physically and mentally, and especially fever. Regular consumption of lemon juice, gives very good results in treating many ailments such as rheumatism, gout, urinary or biliary lithiasis.

Lemon juice is the only good thing when you are cold, but the oil resulted from the peel also has a beneficial effect when used to massage the shoulders and the neck. The oil can be used in the form of inhalations in cases of cold and flu.

Usually the lemon juice is not recommended to be consumed as such but in the form of lemonade sweetened with honey. The best is to drink the juice after meals or with meals. To squeeze more lemon, is recommended to take a few minutes in warm water. If you have stomach problems such as gastritis or gastro-duodenal ulcer, lemon juice is not indicated.

A good strong tea if you suffer from cold or viruses is lemon tea, obtained from 3 lemons cut into quarters with 500 ml water. After it boils for 5-10 minutes, let it cool a little bit, strain and drink sweetened with honey.

For those that cannot drink lemon juice, there are a lot of juicing recipes on the web that you can use. You can choose from a large variety of combinations and recipes that can also help you lose weight and live a healthier life. For example we recommend you combine the 1500 calorie diet with these juicing recipes because these recipes also help you detox your body. That way you will be super healthy and fit for sure. Just give it a try.

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