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Detox Diet Recipes

Toxins that exist in the body are a result of the type of food that is consumed and the pollution that exists in our atmosphere. These toxins can contribute to many different health problems that can prevent you from normal participation in daily life. More people are relying on detox diet recipes to help improve their quality of life and health to create a healthy lifestyle. This detox helps to rid the body of any contaminants and materials of waste in the most natural manner. This increases a healthy feeling and will be an update to the confidence of someone that is plagued with toxins. There are many detox diets for healthy living and you must think about which one you will choose.

There are many types of detox diet recipes that are used to reduce bodily toxins. Choosing an effective and healthy recipe is important. There are many people that prefer the use of juice detox recipes and one of the most frequently used is the lemon detox diet recipe. People have found that it is effective and works very well to rid the body of toxins. The best part is that it can easily be created at home without the need for purchasing different supplies.

This lemon detox diet recipe is nothing more than lemon juice, water, salt, cayenne pepper, herbal tea, and maple syrup. It is easy to incorporate the mixture into your diet for about ten days in length. It is essential that you follow the diet each day and consume between six and ten glasses of the juice detox recipes daily. This diet keeps the body hydrated during the process while disposing of any toxins. Nutrients are provided by the sugar in the syrup and the teas are used to help increase bowel movements. This is an excellent way to get on the path of healthy living.

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Lemons help cure Colds and Virosis

Lemons help cure colds and viruses because they are so rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C fights infections of any kind, strengthening the body’s defense system. It is indicated you drink lemonade or tea with lemon juice whenever you find yourself in a very demanding period physically and mentally, and especially fever. Regular consumption of lemon juice, gives very good results in treating many ailments such as rheumatism, gout, urinary or biliary lithiasis.

Lemon juice is the only good thing when you are cold, but the oil resulted from the peel also has a beneficial effect when used to massage the shoulders and the neck. The oil can be used in the form of inhalations in cases of cold and flu.

Usually the lemon juice is not recommended to be consumed as such but in the form of lemonade sweetened with honey. The best is to drink the juice after meals or with meals. To squeeze more lemon, is recommended to take a few minutes in warm water. If you have stomach problems such as gastritis or gastro-duodenal ulcer, lemon juice is not indicated.

A good strong tea if you suffer from cold or viruses is lemon tea, obtained from 3 lemons cut into quarters with 500 ml water. After it boils for 5-10 minutes, let it cool a little bit, strain and drink sweetened with honey.

For those that cannot drink lemon juice, there are a lot of juicing recipes on the web that you can use. You can choose from a large variety of combinations and recipes that can also help you lose weight and live a healthier life. For example we recommend you combine the 1500 calorie diet with these juicing recipes because these recipes also help you detox your body. That way you will be super healthy and fit for sure. Just give it a try.

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